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Be Alert: UC Browser For Android isn’t as secure as we think

A group researchers called Citizen Lab, at the request of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) did some tests on the English and the Chinese variants of UC Browser (April and March versions for 2015), and these were their findings: Both versions of the app transmitted PII (Personally Identifiable Information) in plain text or encryption that…

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Preview the latest features of Chrome with Chrome beta for Android

This feature has been out for a while now. Google steadily try to improve the features of Google Chrome browser app for mobiles. These new features are first released to Chrome beta, subject to user feedback and recommendation, it is either integrated as an update to the official Google Chrome or discarded. If you're not…

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Nova Material

Nova Launcher finally gets Material Design makeover with version 4.0

Many app developers are gradually complying to Google's design rules, updating their apps to follow the new Material design. Nova Launcher just joined the list of apps. It's a very popular, lightweight, highly customizable launcher, and the new design takes up almost all aspects of the app. Here's some of the change-log: Full Material Design…

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