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How well different mobile browsers support HTML5

Posted by Moverick on January 29, 2015  /   2 comments

All the major smartphone platforms have recently received a significant major update that boosted their performance and added new features. Seeing that everyone has embraced HTML5 as the way forward for the web, here at Mobility, we decided to put these platforms to the test. We got devices running the very latest versions of their […]

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Android Tip: How to read your lost notifications

Posted by Elroy Chibex on January 26, 2015  /   3 comments
Blaze+ Notifications

On our Android phones, we get to see notifications by swiping down from the top of the screen downwards. Sometimes, we mistakenly swipe away these notifications and wish we didn’t. This comes in handy especially when you want to read a message(or its excerpt) without having to directly open the app. There’s a little trick […]

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A Better Way to run Android Apps on PC

Posted by Elroy Chibex on January 20, 2015  /   no comment

There’s this app called Andy, a simulator used for running Android apps on PC,it looks to be a better option than Bluestacks most people are used to. Andy offers a seamless experience and syncing between your PC and your mobile, good thing is there’s support for both Windows and Mac systems. Here are a few […]

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….When your Android shuts down or reboots automatically

Posted by Elroy Chibex on January 20, 2015  /   1 comment

Its a terrible experience when your phone suddenly reboots or goes off by itself. Its even more annoying when this happens while you’re working with your phone, running an app, or doing something important. Most of the time, the rebooting happens once you finish using your device and drop it, or when you slide it […]

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Here’s How to enable Safe Mode in Android

Posted by Elroy Chibex on December 26, 2014  /   6 comments

There comes a time when an Android smartphone starts acting funny. Apps suddenly take ages to load, won’t load at all, or run sluggishly than usual. Times when services shut down by themselves ,or ugly ads show up from nowhere, there are a long list of things that could happen to make your Android experience […]

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GoTV ads appear on BBM; What next?

Posted by Elroy Chibex on December 14, 2014  /   no comment

Placing ads on BBM are one of the ways BlackBerry planned to monetize the app. So far, I’ve seen some ads pop-up on my BBM (Android version) app. First to surface was the ad for Onavo Count Data Manager. Mind you, these ads appear in the updates section of the app. This morning, scrolling down […]

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How to download YouTube videos on your Android smartphone

Posted by Elroy Chibex on December 14, 2014  /   1 comment

In this part of the world data can be quantified to as liquid gold. Yes! data costs are still damn expensive here, though in recent times prices are coming down but it’s not yet Uhuru. Having lots of data affords you the luxury of streaming, but where you don’t have data to stream away, downloading […]

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Have you seen the Game of Thrones Android game?

Posted by Elroy Chibex on December 13, 2014  /   no comment
Game of Thrones

If you’re a huge fan of the HBO TV series – Game of Thrones – Then you must be thrilled,  to learn an Android game has been released that depicts  the story in the series from different angles.  This epic movie game developed by Telltale Games is a six part episodic game series set in […]

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When a geek steals a phone

Posted by Elroy Chibex on December 10, 2014  /   1 comment
mobile Anti Theft

    Almost every phone manufacturer, OS maker and app developer bring up security solutions for phone users. These are meant for protecting your device from one sort of vices or another. The focus of this write-up is on Anti-theft features. Anti theft protection are features in place set aside for phone users to help […]

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Blow Air to Your Phone or Shake to Unlock it

Posted by Elroy Chibex on December 04, 2014  /   3 comments

The magic of Android is the fun things you can do with apps. I present to you, this awesome app you can use to boast amongst your peers. With this app installed on your (android) phone, all you have to do is blow air to your phone, and it unlocks. The app also combines it […]

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Android Tip : How to change fonts without font app

Posted by Elroy Chibex on November 29, 2014  /   no comment

1.) First your phone must be rooted, and if possible have a backup in case something goes wrong. 2.) Get a .ttf font file you would love to use .Be careful of sources you get fonts from, and be sure it’s not a corrupted file. 3.) Use Es File Explorer for this procedure, or any […]

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Android Tip : The truth behind Fonts and Font apps

Posted by Elroy Chibex on November 27, 2014  /   1 comment

Fonts Fonts Fonts. Some people notice it, admire it, but when told how to install it or the risks involved, they back out. Some others, take a peek, enjoy the moment, and ignore it. This post is meant to clarify some concepts people hold concerning fonts.   Criteria for installing fonts If you like fonts, […]

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