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Here’s how to contact us for mobile phone reviews, advertising, marketing, and PR campaigns, at Mobility Nigeria.

Please note that we are not a mobile phone store, do not sell phones, and cannot answer questions about helping you to buy phones. You are welcome to reach us for mobile phone reviews, adverts, and sponsorships on 95% of our website traffic is from Nigeria.

Product Reviews

Mobile phone brands are welcome to send in devices for review. Our reviews are free of charge, and review devices are not returnable (where the client wants the device back, or where the product is intangible, we may charge a fee in lieu of the device). Regardless of the arrangement, when it comes to product reviews, we reserve the right to express our experience with review devices and state our independent opinion and recommendations without editorial interference from brands, their representatives or agents.

Product Marketing

For your product promotion, email to ask for our Content Marketing package.

Please do not contact us about buying links. We do not sell links. Also, we are not a phone store, so we cannot respond to inquiries about purchasing a device. Also, we cannot answer questions about fixing your device. Ask any questions about issues you have with your phone or about buying a device, here on the blog, where our technical writers and other phone users may be able to help you with a response. To reach us for business, shoot us a message via email to contact AT

We are also website experts, and have provided our services to hundreds of individuals and small businesses in Nigeria. We take the burden completely off you, so you can focus on running your business. Contact us for your complete website needs via WhatsApp

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