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Etiquette for Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging (IM) has caught on like wildfire, and a lot of the communication is via mobile. Whether it is good old Yahoo Messenger, Live, Gtalk, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, people are now using instant messaging as an alternative to both voice and SMS. Like in all areas of communication, etiquette is vital to having … Read more

Symbian – The Beast That Has Refused To Die

StatCounter is a global web monitoring service which tracks the browsers and OS used to access those websites on which its codes/scripts are embedded. The statistics from StatCounter show that Symbian is still top dog in mobile web browsing, with a comfortable lead over others. Yes; this is only StatCounter statistics. Still, note that StatCounter … Read more

Mobile technology for dummies

Have you seen those “For Dummies” book titles? An example is Accounting For Dummies. The idea of the entire series is to present information that people need in an easy-to-digest format, so that they can actually… well, use it. Of recent, I made a new friend who is not a geek. We have had several discussions, … Read more

Review – LinkedIn App for Symbian^3

LinkedIn is an online social network for professionals to connect, network and exchange information. A mobile app for the Symbian^3 platform was recently released. The LinkedIn application for Symbian is a Qt job that is fluid and intuitive. With apps like LinkedIn for Symbian, the power of Qt is being demonstrated. LinkedIn App for Symbian^3 … Read more

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