Airtel Nigeria offers a wide range of data bundles for all pockets and needs. The network operator also offers the widest 4G LTE coverage in the country. While this Nigerian operator has a number of pocket-friendly data plans availabe for its subscribers to select from, there are times that you may need access to mobile Internet without a subscription. Which is what the Airtel PAYU data is about. It lets you browse with airtime on Airtel. 

What exactly is Airtel PAYU data? To be more accurate, it is not exactly a data plan. It is the absence of a data bundle. The idea is that if, for any reason, you do not want to, or are unable to, purchase a data bundle, you should still be able to access Internet services and be billed on a pay as you go rate for it. In other words, you get to browse with the airtime on your line. You just never know.

airtel nigeria - how to browse with airtime on airtel

For example, perhaps you are low on airtime and so do not have enough to buy a data bundl because you have an important call to make, but would still need to use your email or check social media for an important update, a pay-as-you-go option like this will come in handy. There may be other scenarios that will require you to use data on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Features of Airtel PAYU Data

  • Airtel PAYU lets you access the Internet without buying a data bundle.
  • It provides you with Internet acces at a rate of ₦3/MB.
  • You are able to better monitor your data expenses.
  • Airtel PAYU plan is best for light browsing, because it is more expensive in the long run than buying a data bundle.

How To Browse With Airtime on Airtel/Use Airtel PAYU

To subscribe to the Airtel Pay As You Go data and browse with airtime on Airtel, simply dial *400# on your Airtel Nigeria line, and the system will activate it and then display a welcome message to you. You can now browse with airtime on Airtel PAYU. All your Internet usage is deducted from the airtime on your line.

Subscribe to Airtel PAYU to browse with airtime on Airtel
Enabling Airtel PAYU lets you browse with airtime on Airtel

Is 4G Available On Airtel PAYU?

One other good thing is that you can use 4G LTE on this plan, as long as you are within coverage area. If your location does not have 4G coverage, your line will switch to 3G or EDGE, depending on what is available. You can browse with airtime on Airtel, regardless of what network type is available.

How To Stop Airtel PAYU

If having used Airtel PAYU data and you wish to stop being charged pay as you go for data, you can de-activate it. The tricky part of being on the PAYU plan is that sometimes you may run out of bundle data or your Wifi connection goes off in the middle of a download or heavy browsing and the network will bill the rest of your activities to your airtime. Downloading at ₦3/MB can quickly eat up lots of airtime.

how to stop Airtel PAYU

There are two ways to stop Airtel PAYU data and prevent this from happening.

The first way is to instruct the network to stop your data whenever you use up your data bundle. This can done at the point when you are subscribing for a bundle.

  1. Dial *141# and choose your preferred data bundle.
  2. You will be asked, What should happen when your bundle finishes. Select option 1, which says, Stop My Data.

That’s it. Whenever you run out of bundle data, your Internet stops working and your airtime does not get deducted.

The second method is to dial a specific USSD code to disable Airtel PAYU data plan.

  1. Dial *400*1#.
  2. You’ll get a response saying “You have been unsubscribed from Airtel FREE SURF offer“.

Your airtime will not be deducted for Internet usage any more.

Now, you know how to activate, as well as how to stop, Airtel PAYU data plan. The ball is in your court.

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34 thought on “Airtel PAYU Data: Browse With Airtime”
  1. Thanks, I’ve just used the information you provided to deactivate PAYU service on my phone.
    You’ve really make my day. I’m so grateful.


    1. This is the worst network in Nigeria,They are just bunch of thieves,since 1 week I can’t subscribe with my recharged airtime,buh if I buy data from bank they will deduct the money instantly yet no data,den if someone sends to me ,the person will get deducted yet nothing will enter my line,then I tried borrowing data from them,during payback they will take almost twice of what you borrowed,I wish I can strangle these devils,,they are so frustrating..stupid set of idiots

  2. it’s not working at all and they’re still removing my airtime I use *400*1# but it’s not working while this is my number help me do it on your system there please ma/sir

  3. I have dialed *400# to use my airtime to browse, and dey said this to me, dear customer, you do not qualify for this plan. So what will i do now

  4. If you’re still getting charged even after deactivating PAYU, dial *141#. After subscribing to any data plan of your choice; you’ll be asked what will happen next when you run out of data. This is whether to deduct the rest of your browsing charges from your remaining airtime or stop data abruptly. Once you opt for ‘ stop data’, they’ll stop charging you. I hope I’ve been of help.

    1. It’s very annoying that I’m being charged for PayU when I didn’t subscribe to that bullshit. It’s a means of low-key stealing from people. If you guys don’t stop deducting my airtime this will be the last time I’ll ever use Airtel for anything. STOP IT!!!.

  5. Please I tried the both method and is not working, please help me, this is really frustrating me , please any other option?

  6. So this his airtel people keep stealing people money unnecessary.
    I’m been ducted #120 for openings a single browsing site.
    Stop this nonsense , or I will leave for good.
    I’ve try stopping it but is not working .

  7. Why are you guys so stupid to the existence by not making things easier for your fellow human being. Now tell me how things will also be easy for you too. Common you suppose to have done the right thing is that, Give the correct pin code for your customers to unsubscribe from this trash called PAYU or whatever damn that all… then why all this stress ‍♂️

  8. Please I don’t want Airtel PayU again, please can u stop for me, have been trying to stop it, but there are still removing my money, pls I don’t have money for them to be removing it again pls, I can’t make calls again please I need help.

  9. I have opted out this Payu data and it’s still charging me for the data I’m using with the fact that I already got data. Why would I be using the data I brought and you are still charging me? For what reason? This is wrong nah. Meanwhile, the code to stop it is also not working.

  10. This ppl won’t make heaven haba
    Just few minutes the whole airtime is gone in the name of pay you

  11. I tried opting out following your instructions but they still kept on using my airtime because I always keep my data on whether i have data or not

  12. Great article! I’m so glad to see Airtel offering a solution like PAYU Data. As a frequent traveler, I can’t always rely on Wi-Fi to stay connected. This will be a game-changer for me. Thanks for sharing!

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