Country hard. But not everyone in Nigeria lives in the trenches or is looking for affordable products. There are those exclusive set of people who want the most expensive smartphones and no less.

Most Expensive Smartphones In Nigeria

While smartphones are primarily tools – things that you purchase for their utility value – they can also be items of class. Rich people aren’t necessarily trying to save a few hundred bucks when they want a smartphone. They want to make a statement that reflects their status.

So, while the rest of us are content to look for great deals – the best bang we can get for our bucks – let’s explore the smartphones that are out of our reach – the most expensive smartphones in Nigeria in 2024.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

The Galaxy Z Fold5 is a book-style foldable device. It is a cutting edge device that reflects what is possible in the world of smartphones. Picture a large phone that you can open up like a book to have an even larger display to use. You can also write and draw on the screen using a supplied stylus. It is a creator’s dream, but it is also the delight of high networth individuals (HNI).

How much will the Galaxy Z Fold5 set you back? A mere ₦2,500,000 to ₦2.900,000, depending on the memory option you settle for. That is almost 3 million naira for the top model. You better be worth no less than ₦900 million in assets if you are spending this much on a smartphone. But wait; how is that any of my concern? Let’s keep it moving.

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 is the most expensive smartphone in Nigeria today, and in second place is the Galaxy S24 Ultra that comes in at ₦1.8 million to ₦2.3 million. Think of it as the Z Fold5 but without the foldable screen. It has everything that bigger guy has.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

Apple iPhone lovers will be pissed to see the iPhone 15 Pro Max in 3rd place. You know how they have perfected the art of snobbery and easily fitness Android phone users as broke. But it looks like, if you are too broke to afford the Galaxy Z Fold5 or the Galaxy S24 Ultra, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is next on the line.

Jokes aside, depending on the memory options you are looking at, some variants of the S24 Ultra are cheaper than some variants of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, so it is neither here nor there (the Fold5 still costs almost a million more than the most expensive iPhone, though, so there’s that).

Anyway, all of that fanboy fighting aside, the iPhone15 Pro Max will set you back by ₦1,950,000 to ₦2,050,000, depending on the memory options you pick, or depending on how much you are willing to spend.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro

Next on our list of the most expensive smartphones in Nigeria in 2024 is the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Expect to spend about ₦1,700,000 to own one.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4

In 5th place is the Galaxy Z Fold4 and that will set you back by about ₦1,666,000. There isn’t much difference between the cost of this and the cost of the iPhone 15 Pro, but you can’t be poor and pointing that out to high networth individuals who have enough to splurge on these things. Use your ₦200,000 smartphone in peace and don’t stir the waters.

These are the top 5 most expensive smartphones in Nigeria that you can buy in 2024 for now. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold6 will be announced soon and they will carry a higher price tag than these devices listed above. When Apple releases the iPhone 16 series later in the year, we will see another set of upsets in the above list.

But right now in June 2024, if you want to splurge mad money on a smartphone to make it clear that you are not anybody’s mate, everywhere you go, one of these expensive bad boys has your engraved on it.

You have to give it to Samsung and Apple, though. Where other brands are mostly pushing smartphones costing no more than ₦600,000, these two mavericks are flaunting the big numbers. That thing about going hard or going home. Of all those other brands, we are seeing TECNO pushing the envelope with their Phantom V Fold 5G costing up to ₦1.4 million now. I have wondered what the sales figures of TECNO’s Fold and Flip models look like. Anyway, while TECNO is pushing the envelope, the others are playing where the crowd shops. And that isn’t a bad thing. Just saying.

Where to buy the most expensive smartphones in Nigeria? Really? If you are rich enough to be able to afford these beauties, you definitely know exactly where to get one. Don’t stress me.

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