Using PayPal in Nigeria requires that you add your bank card and account. Here are the supported banks, and instructions to guide you in linking your card.

Banks whose cards can be linked with PayPal in Nigeria, and how to add yours

For a long time, people resident in Nigeria were not officially supported on PayPal. They could not open and use PayPal accounts. This was bad, especially for those who ran a business service. That changed eventually, but with a limitation: Nigerian PayPal accounts can not receive funds, and can only send funds only when linked with a Nigerian bank card and account. Not all banks offer this linking. So, which banks can be linked with PayPal in Nigeria?


Before we proceed, note that different banks change policies at various times. For example, there are banks that started out officially supporting PayPal, but who stopped or suspended the service at some time. There are others who changed which of their available cards can be linked with PayPal accounts. As such, if you try one bank card, and that doesn’t work, you might need to try a different bank. Having clarified that, let’s jump straight to the list.

How To Link Your Bank Card To Use PayPal In Nigeria
Using PayPal in Nigeria requires that you link your bank card

List Of Banks That Can Be Linked With PayPal In Nigeria

Here are the Nigerian banks that you can set up your PayPal account with. As a rule, VISA bank cards work and US Dollar denominated MasterCard work. You might have trouble using your Naira MasterCard.


Which bank uses PayPal in Nigeria?

A handful of banks in Nigeria do. See the list below.

  • Access Bank – Access bank’s VISA card is confirmed to still be working, as at August 2021
  • First Bank
  • Diamond Bank
  • WEMA Bank
  • FCMB
  • UBA
  • GTCO (formerly GTBank). GTCO’s Naira Mastercard used to work with PayPal, but starting sometime in 2020, it stopped working. Instead, you will need to get a US Dollar Mastercard from GTCO for use with your PayPal account.

This list is not exhaustive, so feel free to try your card, regardless of your bank. If you have a VISA card or a US dollar MasterCard, it is likely to work, so you can use PayPal in Nigeria for your online payments.

August 2022 update: Access bank VISA card doesn’t work for foreign payments any more. GTBank US dollar debit card still works fine. It looks like you might have to try virtual US dollar cards from non-bank providers. I am told that Changera virtual card works fine.

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How To Add Your Bank Card To Your PayPal Account

You need to have a PayPal account first. If you do not have one, go to to create one. Login to your PayPal account and find the Settings icon (looks like a gear wheel) in the top navigation section. Click on it, then on “Account Settings” in the drop-down menu.


In the left column, look for “Money, bank and cards”, and click on it.

Under “Cards”, click on “Link a new card”. Enter the details of the card you want to link, and complete the process. Once your card is linked, you are ready to start making payments and sending money with your Nigerian PayPal account.

Download PayPal Mobile App

In addition to being able to access your PayPal account via a Web browser, you can also use and manage your transactions via the mobile app. The app is available for both Android and iOS, Download PayPal for Android HERE, and for iOS HERE.

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  1. My cards are working but my question is

    I did not see a code or will it arrive on my statement under 3- 5 days as indicated by paypal?

    Is there a transaction limit using Nigerian cards on paypal?

  2. My Gtbank Naira Master Card does not work and I don’t have any other card apart from Verve, does it work?

  3. I have tried several times linking my FB MasterCard to my PayPal account but unfortunately it’s keeps declineding and I don’t know why.When I visited my bank and filled a complain about it, I was told that my account is okay or could it be that PayPal in Nigeria doesn’t support MasterCard or what exactly.

  4. I have added my STANBIC and UBA master cards but each time I try to send money, PayPal will say “We have added your funding source but can’t use it now, you can choose or add another card or payment method to continue”
    I don’t have another card aside the STANBIC and UBA master cards or payment method.
    Please, will this challenge of sending money from my personal PayPal account be resolved? Or is there anything I did wrong or should still do?

  5. Can I use a Nigerian debit card to receive funds on my business paypal account ? If no, can i get a credit card usable on paypal in any of our Nigerian Banks ?

  6. Those that have successfully Linked their Debit card to 9ja Paypal acct, what was the address you used for the FIRST BANK master Card or other Banks Card too??
    will any address i put work with it?

  7. I’ve personally talked to GTbank customer care and they made it clear that the Naira Mastercard doesn’t work with PayPal.

    The Naira Mastercard however, work on other online merchants especially the ones using Stripe to process payments, even last week I paid $39 with my Naira Master without any hassle. And the dollar rate they charged was less than Black market rate, they charge me around #480/Dollar (the black market is #570),

    Even I have purchases I want to make that only accept PayPal, I have dollar Mastercard, but the problem is most bureau de change sell only $100 Notes, I can’t find even $50 in my area. And my purchase is less than that. But sometime last year, I used the dollar card on my PayPal and it worked without any problem.

    So my advise is, whatever your bank is, just get yourself a dollar card, if you have a domiciliary account, it’s not a big deal. You just need to pay for $10 set up fee and other little costs. Overall it should cost around 7k-10k to get the card, after that you can fund it pay for any online services with foreign currency including PayPal.

    I hope this help

  8. To Link your cards with PayPal with success:
    {1} get UBA prepaid card even though you don’t operate Uba just visit any Uba Branch closer to you and request for prepaid debit card.

    {2} Access bank Visa card but while linking the card you will not receive the code direct to your phone number but rather you have to call your Bank for the code.

    Do this and thank me later.


  9. I have a Access bank Visa card, but every time I try to link the card I keep getting declined. Is there something I should be doing or is Paypal not accepting Access bank Visa cards?

    1. Yeah, I had the same issue. Access Bank visa card is temporarily suspended for online transactions.

    2. Oh! No wonder. I’ve also tried severally to link my Access Visa card to Paypal but it was declined.

  10. Zenith bank still works on paypal but I think there is a limit to how much you can pay per transaction.

    1. Hello Iwalewa,

      You can only make payments (send money) with a Nigerian PayPal account linked to a GTBank USD card. It is completely useless for receiving money.

  11. Can I receive payment from freelance work to my PayPal account here in Nigeria and also be able to withdraw it??

  12. Pls I tried to link my uba MasterCard it didn’t work,the same thing when i tried to link my access bank card, it was just showing that my card is declined I should tried another payment method.

    1. Hello Shittu,

      Access Bank card does not seem to work for foreign transactions anymore. I got the same error when I tried to use mine for a transaction about a month ago.

  13. Pls I got suspended totally for using PayPal with my funds on it, after 180 days I received an email from them to withdraw my funds only through my bank or card…(can’t make any form of transaction on it)

    Pls what bank or card is working at the moment apart from transferwise?
    Can one withdraw with changers card?

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