If you have been looking for the TECNO Android 15 update list, we have the official list of models for you. The list of eligible devices is valid, regardless of where you are located. Whether it is here in Nigeria or you have japa-ed (relocated) to the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, or some other country, and taken your TECNO smartphone along with you.

TECNO doesn’t have a great reputation for updating their smartphones. In the last few years, however, the company has been releasing at least one major Android update to a range of its smartphones. We have official news that some TECNO Phones will get Android 14, and that is good news to us here at Mobility Nigeria.

We expect that TECNO users must also be excited at the news. The question then is, “Which TECNO Phones will get the Android 15 update?” Well, we have the official TECNO Android 15 update list. Have a look below.

Camon 20 and Camon 30 smartphones, among others, are on the TECNO Android 15 update list.
Camon 20 and Camon 30 smartphones, among others, are on the TECNO Android 15 update list.

TECNO Android 15 Update List

Listed below are the TECNO phones that will get the Android 15 update shortly:

  1. Camon 30
  2. Camon 30 5G
  3. Camon 30 Pro
  4. Camon 30 Premier
  5. Camon 20
  6. Camon 20 Pro
  7. Camon 20 Pro 5G
  8. Camon 20 Premier 5G
  9. Phantom V Flip 5G
  10. Phantom V Fold 5G
  11. Phantom X2
  12. Phantom X2 Pro

TECNO has categorically said that the Canon 30 series will get two years of Android OS updates (also see this video). Seeing as they were released in 2024 with Android 14, the Android 15 update will be their first. It will be the second update for the older Camon 20 series, the Phantom V series, and Phantom X2 series.

Are there any other TECNO smartphones getting the update? Will any other models be added to the TECNO Android 15 update list? We don’t have any more info for now. TECNO’s approach for now appears to be to update only the Camon and Phantom devices – and only for two years. Their announcements about updates for the Camon 30 devices, this year, confirms that is what they are proceeding with.

While, traditionally, lower mid-range and entry-level models like devices in the POP and Spark series were not covered for years, recently, we have seen Spark 20 series devices get software updates. That is progress. Don’t expect to get anything from the entry-level TECNO Pop devices for now. .

Android 15 Update Features and Benefits

Features and improvements that will come with Android 15 include the following:

  1. Partial screen sharing
  2. Satellite connectivity support
  3. New in-app camera controls
  4. Universal toggle for keyboard vibration control
  5. Sensitive Notifications
  6. Bluetooth popup dialog
  7. Auracast focus: Audio sharing to nearby Bluetooth LE Audio streams
  8. High-Quality Webcam mode
  9. Changes for continuity features on foldables
  10. Better cover screen support
  11. Persistent taskbar for large-screen devices
  12. Health Connect
  13. Virtual MIDI 2.0 Devices
  14. HDR headroom control
  15. Loudness control
  16. Edge-to-edge apps by default
  17. Predictive Back
  18. App Pairs to quickly launch split-screen app combos
  19. New collapsible volume panel
  20. Richer Widget Previews with Generated Previews
  21. Bluetooth auto-on
  22. Adaptive vibration
  23. New color contrast settings
  24. Set Google Account photo as avatar
  25. Smaller changes

When is Android 15 coming to eligible TECNO phones?

This is a hard question to answer, but if history is anything to go by, Android 15 will start rolling out to eligible TECNO smartphones months after the official release to the public, likely in October 2024. TECNO is not particularly known for speedy software updates, so take a deep breath and exercise some patience.

How to upgrade your TECNO phone to Android 15

To update your TECNO smartphone, go to the phone Settings > System > System update > ONLINE UPDATE.

If the update is available, you will get notified and be presented with the option to download it. Once downloaded, approve the installation, after which your phone will restart with the new version of HiOS based on Android 15 running on it.

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