Nigeria’s Ministry of communications says that over 9 million mobile lines are unregistered and has directed that they be blocked by telecom operators. If you are worried about the registration status of your SIM card, you can easily check your SIM card registration status right on your phone using the codes provided in this article. 

The federal government has added the National Identification Number (NIN) as a key requirement for registering SIM cards in the country. If you are looking for information about NIN, see the following articles: SIM Card Registration: How to get your National Identification Number (NIN)List of NIN Enrolment Centres across Nigeria, and How to use the NIMC Mobile App.

Why is SIM registration important? It provides a database of registered mobile users in the country, and so helps to recover stolen/lost cards, as well as help security agencies to track criminal activity.

Codes to check SIM card registration status for Nigerian telecom networks

Below are the codes you need to check whether your SIM card registration has been done and the details are up-to-date. The codes differ across the four major telecom networks, but they are all simple and require you to dial a number or to send an SMS.

To check SIM card registration status on MTN Nigeria

To check your SIM card registration status on MTN, dial *789*1#, or text “REG” to 789.

If your registration details are in order, you will get a feedback that says: “Dear subscriber, thank you for checking your status. Your account information doesn’t need to be updated at this time.”

To check your SIM card registration status on MTN nigeria

This same message will be sent to your line via SMS. If your SIM registration details are not in order, you will be required to update them.

How to check SIM card registration status on Airtel Nigeria

To check your SIM card registration status on Airtel, call customer care on 111/121 on your Airtel line, or email

To check SIM card registration status on 9mobile

Dial 746 or 200 with your 9mobile line. You will get a voice response that tells you whether your line is registered.

To check SIM card registration status on Globacom

To check the status of your SIM card on Glo, text REG to 746 or 3456.

check SIM card registration on globacom

If your SIM details are in order, you will get an SMS saying, “Your SIM 234xxxyyyzz has been registered. Thank you.” If not, you will be required to update your details.

How To Update Your SIM Registration Details

If you have checked the status of your SIM card registration and got a message that says you need to update your details, don’t fret. You only need to find your telecom operator’s nearest SIM registration centre or customer care centre to get it done. You can confirm your registration status again using the above codes.

Update: Here is an important piece of information. National Identification Number (NIN) is now one of the requirements for buying, registering and replacing a SIM card. So, be sure to register for one. Here are helpful articles about NIN registration and SIM card registration/replacement:

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about SIM card registration. Use the Comments box below to submit your questions, experiences, and other contributions. And don’t forget to share this article with your family, friends and co-workers.

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  2. mtn is killing me, they are stealing from me,the way they are sucking my data is so unfair, the worst is that i even went to their so called office and the told me there is nothing they can do about it, what a shame, thats a criminal act, i will buy 20GB data and it will finish in 5days, what a level of wickedness.

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