Music remains one of the most enjoyable content on mass media (radio, TV), the internet, and social media. So it totally makes sense to be able to play your favorite music on your smartphone at any time. But you can avoid the burden of having to download or record so many music clips on your smartphone. Because soon the phone storage will get full, and that will impact its performance. So why not use music streaming apps? We will discuss features of recommended music apps for Nigerians in 2023 you should go for. 

Music streaming apps give you access to easily stream millions of songs from a huge bouquet of artists for a negligible fee. Additionally, you can listen to podcasts and e-books and can play your music collection using different digital devices. Of course, your first choice would be your cherished and indefatigable companion, your smartphone. The recommended music apps for Nigerians which we will discuss here, offer easy-to-use and affordable packages for music and sound streaming.

However, any music lover would love the experience of streaming music with the original sound quality still intact. Call it lossless music. This may not be available in every streaming app out there. Because the quality of compressed music used in streaming apps is generally less than that loaded on Compact Disk.

The whole idea of music compression is to reduce the load time and make it play faster, but some of the sound quality may be lost. Nevertheless, these recommended music apps for Nigerians strive to make any loss in sound quality negligible. Enough to almost not notice the flaw, and still enjoy music that loads in a reasonably quick time. 

Some of the favorite music apps that have thrilled Nigerians in recent years up till the current year 2023 are listed below. Let’s find out why these recommended music apps for Nigerians seem to be popular. We present them in no particular order. 


Audiomack is a free platform that allows upcoming artists to upload their songs for free. There is practically no limit to how many songs can be uploaded per artist. And you eventually get paid for it. Listeners as well as artists are offered free accounts that come with adverts. If you wish to enjoy the best music streaming quality without adverts, it would be better to subscribe. An Audiomack Premium package costs just N500 per month.


Boomplay was created to benefit music creators and listeners in Africa. There is practically unlimited access to a vast collection of songs you can download and listen to. Over 100 million songs that cut across different genres are available to download and play offline for free. The app even has a section for entertainment news.

Boomplay has a free package that comes with adverts and free downloads of songs. To go ad-free, you will pay for a subscription of either N99 (daily), N399 (weekly), or N899 (monthly).


Shazam app is a cool go-to software to search out that song, movie, television show, or advert by providing a short sample of the track. The sample is played for just 10 seconds and optionally, you can use a microphone to feed sounds into it. It has a powerful song recognition technology that can identify any artist or song within moments. The app can connect to other music streaming apps to source for songs, and identify where to buy and download them. 

Additionally, it will provide you with the lyrics of each song, and details about the artist. Shazam can help you to upload music lyrics, remix, and match them with songs from the Musixmatch database. Many upcoming artists have been discovered through their songs on the app. Over 120 million users of the app have been recorded so far. These services are offered to users for free. 

Shazam has been bought over by Apple Music. This subscription for the app obeys the same subscription rates applicable to Apple Music.


Bandlab welcomes both upcoming and skilled music artists to create, upload and share their songs on the Cloud. You can record, remix and edit music on the cloud-based app, with its free integrated music and beats maker called DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). It can also work in a browser. Well over 60 million users make use of the app for free.


Spotify remains an all-time favorite of so many Nigerian music lovers. There is a free package enjoyed by lots of folks. So long as you can deal with adverts, and having to play the music list in shuffle mode. That is, Spotify chooses the order in which the songs are played, which is randomly done.

You will also enjoy offline downloads and access to millions of songs and podcasts. The app is also compatible with practically every digital device that can accommodate it, to play music. The sound quality is also very commendable. 

Luckily enough, the basic Premium monthly Spotify subscription is quite cheap at ₦900 – you even get the first three months free. And you can cancel it at any time. The Family Premium subscription is just N1400 per month, the first month is given free.

Apple Music

Apple Music is a great music streaming app customized for the maximum enjoyment of users of Apple devices. However, the app is also available for Android users. With Apple Music, listeners have access to the Apple Music 1 Radio station, along with over 90 million songs. The app creates special music libraries for different categories such as personal favorites, latest tracks, and others. 

Apple Music provides one month of free trial, advert-free. The songs are lossless and of CD quality. Apple Music subscription ranges from the Student plan (₦450 per month) to the Family Plan (₦1400 per month).


Soundcloud app allows you to download millions of songs and remixes to your smartphone or PC to play later. Downloads are available for free, though they come with adverts. What’s unique about the app is the listener’s ability to post comments on songs, and share it with other users. You even get to interact with upcoming artists directly.

You have the privilege of predicting which songs will climb up the music charts. And you can create your own music tracklist to suit your needs. To have a paid subscription plan (Soundcloud Unlimited), you pay just $9.99 per month. A 30-day free trial precedes it, for testers of the app.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music Premium) costs ₦1,100 per month. There are also Family plans availaYouTube Music is a music search and streaming app owned by Google. There are over 50 million music tracks (and podcasts) you can search out based on genre, artist’s name, and other categories.

There is a free version of the app that allows users to run background play and free downloads but comes with adverts. YouTube Premium gives paid subscriptions to enjoy music streaming ads free, background play, and downloads you can listen to offline. You may even download music without the video in the paid version. 

The paid subscription comes in two forms. YouTube Music Premium costs N900 per month. While YouTube Premium (which includes ble for each package, and for a slightly higher price.


Deezer is an exciting app in the sense that it learns and adapts to your music choices. It even recommends more of the kinds of music that match your style for you. It has powerful algorithms to ensure that. It presents subscribers with well over 90 million song tracks across different genres. And the sound quality is nearly CD quality. In fact, the sound quality is reputed to be better than that of Spotify. There is a free trial version of the app for starters, but the best-quality songs will be offered to you when you subscribe. The basic Premium subscription costs N900.

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