How to pay for Apple Music in Nigeria

A common problem experienced by people in Nigeria who want to subscribe to Apple Music is that of payment. For some reason, the most commonly used Naira MasterCards issued by banks do not work. This quick guide addresses that problem and spells out to you how to pay for Apple Music in Nigeria.

Nigerians who want to pay for an Apple Music subscription constantly get rejected at the point they add their Naira Mastercard. Some have tried to solve the problem by changing their country that their Apple ID is set to. But that only creates a new set of problems, which includes having their Nigerian debit cards getting rejected as well.

How to pay for Apple Music in Nigeria via Mobility Nigeria

Apple’s website says that most Nigerian debit and credit cards are valid for payment of Apple Music subscriptions. But the everyday experience of Nigerians says otherwise. Most do not work.

Some years ago, Apple began to bill Nigerian subscribers in Naira to ease the pains of subscribers, but that soon stopped working. We will not go into why this happened, but it has to do with Nigerian banks and currency exchange rates. The problem appears to be with the Naira Mastercards issued by banks. As such, if you want to pay for Apple Music in Nigeria, you need to look elsewhere – that is, get another means of payment.

What of PayPal? Unfortunately, using Nigerian Paypal accounts is a headache, as thoise accounts cannot receive funds, but send only. Did you say “Madness”? We agree. How do you spend money you can not receive? Attach it to your bank account. Which is another round of troubles.

Anyway, let’s get to the meat of this article.

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How to pay for Apple Music in Nigeria

If you are based in Nigeria, there are two ways you can pay for your Apple Music subscription. Both are related, and some will argue that there is only one way.

1. Get and use an ALAT Virtual Dollar Card

ALAT’s Virtual Dollar Card allows you to make payments for Apple Music in Nigeria quite easily. It is one of the selling points of the card. It also works for Netflix and other international digital content platforms and services.

To get an ALAT Virtual Dollar Card, visit the ALAT website.

2. Get and use a VISA debit card

Most Nigerian banks issue a Naira Mastercard by default. Some issue VISA debit cards instead. Access Bank is one. First Bank is another. There are a few others. Get a VISA debit card from one of these banks. It costs similar to what Naira Mastercards cost.

Also VISA debit cards are attached to your bank account, same way their Mastercard counterparts are. All payments are done by direct debit on the attached bank account.

These cards have been found to work for international online payments where the Mastercard debit cards fail, so you might want to give them a try. To get one, you have to pay a visit to a branch of the bank you want to obtain them from.

If you have been having trouble with your subscription, these two options are how to pay for Apple Music in Nigeria.

GTBANK naira mastercard

May 2020 Update: Some debit Mastercards issued by Nigerian banks now work for Apple Music subscriptions. However, if you are still having issues with your debit Mastercard, get an ALAT Virtual Dollar Card or a debit VISA card from one of the issuing banks.

Updated Information: Some banks also issue dollar cards that are attached to your domicillary account, and they are more effective for making international payments. These are stressful to use though, as you have to purchase US dollars and then fund the dom account before you can proceed with your payment.


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