Nigerian movies on Netflix: the updated list of titles from your favourite Nollywood stars

Written By Team Mobility Nigeria

Thanks to its mobile app and pocket-friendly subscriptions, Netflix has become a platform where Nigerians get to enjoy a wide variety of movies, both from outside the country and from within.

As Nigeria’s movie industry (also known as Nollywood) keeps gaining new ground and lovers around the world, more and more people are interested in watching new releases. And there is a lot of nostalgia to go round from seeing old titles too.

Often, people from all over the world are looking for Nigerian movies on Netflix that they can watch. For your convenience, we have compiled a list of available Nollywood titles on Netflix.

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List of Nigerian movies on Netflix
Nigerian movies on Netflix feature a kaleidoscope of stars that bring laughter to the big and small screens

List of Nigerian movies on Netflix

  • Amina
  • Omo Ghetto
  • Chief Daddy 2
  • 2 Weeks in Lagos
  • Kambiti
  • Naija Christmas
  • King of Boys
  • King of Boys 2
  • Living In Bondage; Breaking fear
  • Gone
  • Day Of Destiny
  • Tanwa Savage
  • For Maria
  • Unroyal
  • God Calling
  • Chief Daddy
  • This Lady Called Life
  • Rattle Snake
  • Gidi blues
  • Coming From Insanity
  • Osuofia In London
  • Fate Of Alakada
  • Sugar Rush
  • Nneka The Pretty Serpent
  • Black Rose
  • Swallow
  • Hire a Woman
  • Mokalik
  • Gold Statue
  • Oloibiri
  • Quam’s Money
  • The Making of a King
  • In Line
  • Your Excellency
  • Seven
  • Elevator Baby
  • The Set Up
  • October 1
  • The Wedding Party
  • Mama Drama
  • Meet the In-laws
  • 76
  • Lionheart
  • The Figurine
  • Couple Of Days
  • Alter Ego
  • It’s Her Day
  • Shadow Parties
  • Finding Hubby
  • Cold Feet
  • Ninbe
  • One Lagos Night
  • Citation
  • The Millions
  • She Is
  • Merry Men 2
  • Ezra
  • Who’s The Boss
  • Survival of Jelili
  • Small Chops
  • Phone Swap
  • Namaste Wahala
  • The Mirror Boy
  • The Royal Hibiscus Hotel
  • Oloture
  • Locked
  • Fifty
  • Isoken
  • The Bridge
  • Ayamma
  • The Visit
  • The Eve
  • Fine Wine
  • Light In The Dark
  • Special Jollof

We are constantly updating this list with new entries, so you can keep up.

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