itel A58 vs itel A56: which is better?

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itel A56 and A58 are almost two years apart. The former was released in March 2020, while the latter in January 2022. Why an itel A58 vs itel A56 comparison, then? Well, the A56 is still available in certain markets, and buyers want to know what value they might be getting when compared to the new kid on the block.

Two years is a lot in the world of smartphones, but not so much in the entry-level segment, where there isn’t a lot that changes quickly. Entry-level Android phones are itel’s forte, and that means there is not a lot of room to wriggle with. Let’s see how the itel A56 and A58 square up against one another.

itel A58 vs itel A56 comparison
itel A58 vs itel A56

itel A58 vs itel A56 comparison table

itel A58itel A56
6.6 inches, 720×1600 pixels, LCD6.0 inches, 480×960 pixels, LCD
Android 11 (Go Edition)Android 9 (Go Edition)
Unisoc SC7331EUnisoc SC7731E
16 GB storage16 GB storage
5 MP + QVGA rear camera8 MP + VGA rear camera
5 MP selfie camera5 MP selfie camera
2G, 3G 2G, 3G
Rear-mounted fingerprint scannerRear-mounted fingerprint scanner
4000 mAh, non-removable battery4000 mAh, non-removable battery
5W charging5W charging
$87.00 / ₦39,500$79 / ₦35,500

The most glaring visual difference between the two devices is the design. The A58 has a much more modern design with thinner bezels and a waterdop notch, than the A56 which has thick bezels and a screen that existed before notches became a thing. If you like your phones trendy, you will immediately prefer the looks of itel A58.

You will also immediately notice how much bigger the A58’s screen is. Not only is it bigger, it also has a higher display resolution. This will be good news for many people who want big displays for media consumption.

Software-wise, the A58 runs Android 11, while the A56 runs the now dated Android 9. This is a huge leap, and we are sure that there are no major Android updates available for the itel A56, so there is no hope of it jumping to Android 10, not to mention 11.

In terms of processing power, performance, and storage, both phones are at par; there are no differences. They share the same Unisoc processor, have the same amount of RAM, and the same amount of built-in storage. They also both have a memory card slot, so you can expand the storage for more files.

If we are to go by raw numbers, the two-year old itel A56 has a better rear camera than its more recent sibling. We also do know that megapixel counts are not the alpha and omega of camera phone quality, so there is a chance that the itel A58 cameras are better. It will take a comparison camera shoot-out to figure that out, though. On the selfie side, they both have a 5-megapixel snapper in front.

Both devices have the same battery capacity and charging standard. They are also both 3G smartphones. You will not get 4G access on these babies. Lastly, when it comes to price, itel A58 is the more expensive of these two entry-level Android phones, but not by much. The difference in prices is about $9 only. That is not much, if you want the more modern design and bigger screen size.

itel A58 vs itel A56: Conclusion

At the end of the day, itel A58 trumps itel A56 with three features – design, screen size, and operating system. These are the features you are paying an extra $9 or $10 for. The jury is out on the camera, and in every other thing, they share the same specs.

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