Why should you consider an MTN data plan? MTN is Nigeria’s largest mobile network. It is also the country’s largest Internet Service Provider (ISP). Along with other GSM operators, it has extensive coverage around the country, which means that even people living in the most remote areas can have access to Internet if they have a GSM line and compatible phone.

What is it like using MTN Internet? That is not a question with a straightforward answer. Depending on your location, the experience can be good, fantastic, or downright annoying. We provide answers to some of the questions you have about MTN data plans.

Mtn Data plans

What is the best MTN Data Plan?

The answer to this question depends on your needs. For example, if you need large volumes of data and can afford to spend up to ₦6,000 monthly, MTN’s Weekly Jolly data plan is the way to go. If you are on an extremely limited budget of about ₦1,000 monthly, you should be looking at the 1.5GB monthly data. If you can spare ₦200 extra, you can get a 2GB monthly plan.

Which is the cheapest MTN Data Plan?

The very cheapest MTN data plan is 25MB daily plan which costs N50. It is valid for only 24 hours. If you can spend up to ₦500, get the 2.5GB 2-day plan.

How do I subscribe for MTN Data Plan?

To activate an MTN data plan, make sure your line has enough aitime to cover the cost of the plan that you want, then dial *131#. If you sue a smartphone, we recommend that you download the MyMTN app and use that to activate data plans. You might even enjoy bonus data on offer from time to time.

How can I get 1GB for 200 on MTN?

Dial *131# and select the 1GB daily plan. It does not cost ₦200 though, but ₦300. You can also get this plan by using the MyMTN app.

How much is MTN 1GB? How much is 1GB of data on MTN?

There are a number of 1GB data plans available on MTN/.

  • 1GB Daily Plan. It costs ₦300 and has a 24-hour validity..
  • 1GB weekly plan. It costs ₦500 and has a 7-day validity.
  • 1.5GB monthly data plan. It costs ₦1,000 and has a 30-day validity.

How can I get MTN 500 for 1GB?

To get the MTN 1GB weekly plan, dial *131# and select it from the available options, or activate it from the MyMTN mobile app.

How do I activate MTN unlimited data plan?

MTN Nigeria does not have an unlimited data plan. The mobile operator has never offered one. The data plans that offer the largest volume of data are the 6GB weekly plan costing ₦1,500 and the 2.5GB 2-day plan costing ₦500.

Which MTN plan gives more data?

The 6GB weekly plan costing ₦1,500 and the 2.5GB 2-day plan costing ₦500 are theMTN data plans that give subscribers the most data.

mtn weekly jolly data plan 6gb for n1500

Does MTN have 4G?

The MTN network has 2G, 3G, and 4G Internet. What is available to you will depend on your location, but most big cities in Nigeria have MTN 4G coverage, and 3G is available almost everywhere, including remote areas. Where not available, you will have only 2G to use.

How do I activate 4G on MTN?

If you have an older MTN SIM card from years before 4G was available, you need to swap it for a 4G SIM at the nearest MTN customer centre to you. Once the swap is done, put it in a compatible 4G phone, buy a data plan and start using 4G Internet everywhere there is MTN 4G coverage. If your MTN SIM card is a new one, it already supports 4G, and all you have to do is put it into a compatible 4G LTE smartphone, buy an MTN data plan and start using 4G Internet.

Does MTN have 5G?

MTN Nigeria has not rolled out 5G Internet, as the Nigerian Communications Commission is yet to give approval for 5G technology in the country. However, MTN has carried out 5G trials in Abuja and Calabar. You can also read more about 5G in Nigeria.

December 2021 update: MTN won a 5G license auction and has been awarded a provisional license.

How to load MTN data: What is the code for MTN data subscription?

Dial *131# or type and send “Info” as SMS to 131.

What is the MTN Data Settings code? What is the code for MTN configuration settings?

  • Text SETTINGS to 3888.
  • The configuration settings will be sent to you by SMS, and you will be able to apply them to your phone.

Should you need to manually configure your smartphone, mifi, or router, here are the MTN data settings to use:

  • Account Name: MTN
  • Access Point Name (APN): web.gprs.mtnnigeria.net
  • Proxy: leave blank
  • Port: leave blank
  • Username: leave blank
  • Password:  leave blank
  • Server: leave blank

PS: Do not enter anything for the Settings with “leave blank” above. Please leave them empty or blank. Once you are done entering the settings, save and you are good to go.

Sharing MTN data bonus: Can I share bonus data from MTN with another number?

No; bonus data cannot be shared. Only the main data is shareable.

How much data can I share on MTN?

MTN subscribers can share a maximum of 500MB data with another MTN number daily.

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