Update: Thanks to an initiative of the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) and all mobile operators in the country, there is now a new code to buy data on MTN. The new MTN data code is: *312#: This is the new MTN USSD code to buy data bundles. With this single code, you can have access to buy any of the available data bundles on the MTN Nigeria network.

In addition, we have a compilation of a list of older MTN Data Codes for your convenience. The great thing about USSD codes is that they work whether or not you have Internet access. You can subscribe for the MTN data plan of your choice simply by dialling a code. Note that we do not make guarantees about the 100% accuracy of the information on this page, or that any of these older codes still work.

MTN Nigeria may modify or change any aspects of these codes. MTN has daily, 2-day, 3-day, weekly, and monthly data bundles, among others. Find the codes to activate these plans below.

MTN Data Codes in Nigeria and the new code to buy data on MTN.

MTN Data Codes for Daily Plans

Dial the respective code below for MTN’s daily (24-hour) data bundles:

  • 40MB: Text 114 to 131
  • 200MB Always-On: Text 160 to 131
  • 100MB: Text 104 to 131
  • 1GB: Text 155 to 131

MTN Data Codes for 2-Day Plans

Dial the respective code below for MTN’s 2-day data bundles:

  • 2GB: Text 154 to 131
  • 2.5GB: Text

MTN Data Codes for 3-Day Plans

MTN Nigeria currently has only one 3-day data plan. Dial the code below to subscribe for this 3-day data bundles:

  • 200MB: Text 113 to 131

MTN Data Codes for Weekly Plans

MTN’s weekly data plans have some of the best value for money. Here are the codes to activate the respective bundles.

  • 450MB Always-On Data: Text 161 to 131
  • 350MB + 350MB for YouTube: Text 102 to 131
  • 750MB + 1GB for YouTube: Text 103 to 131
  • 750MB + 1-Hour YouTube Daily: Text 750 to 131
  • 1GB + 1GB for YouTube: Text 142 to 131
  • 2GB + 2GB for YouTube: Dial *131*105#
  • 6GB: Text 143 to 131

MTN Data Codes for Monthly Plans

When it comes to monthly data plans, there are so many bundles to select from on the MTN network.

  • 1.5GB + 2GB for YouTube: Text 106 to 131
  • 2GB + 4GB for YouTube: Text 130 to 131
  • 3GB + 4GB for YouTube: Text 131 to 131
  • 4.5GB + 4.5GB for YouTube: Text 110 to 131
  • 6Gb + 4GB for YouTube: Text 147 to 131
  • 10GB + 4GB for YouTube:
  • 15GB Always-On data: Text 162 to 131
  • 12GB + 4GB for YouTube: Text 107 to 131
  • 20GB + 4GB for YouTube: Text 116 to 131
  • 45GB Always-On Data: Text 163 to 131
  • 40GB: Text 117 to 131
  • 75GB: Text 150 to 131
  • 120GB: Text 149 to 131
  • 200GB:

MTN Data Codes for 2-Month Plans

  • 30GB: Text 119 to 131
  • 100GB: Text 118 to 131
  • 160GB: Text 138 to 131

Codes for MTN Data 3-Month Plans

  • 400GB: Text 133 to 131
  • 600GB: Text 134 to 131

Codes for MTN Data 6-Month Plans

  • 800GB: Text 115 to 131

Codes for MTN Data Yearly Plans

  • 1TB: Text 135 to 131
  • 2.5TB: Text 136 to 131
  • 4.5TB: Text 137 to 131

The new code to check your MTN data balance

The new MTN USSD code to dial to check your data balance on the MTN network is: *323#.

Disclaimer: We can not guarantee that the codes and  information on this page are 100% correct. If you think that any information about a code or data plan is wrong or missing, please leave a comment below.

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