Top 10 Social Media Influencers In Nigeria in 2022: The Young and Powerful

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If there is one unmistakable thing that social media has made happen for young people in Nigeria, it is that it has given them a voice and a channel to earn, directly or indirectly. There are many indirect ways to earn from social media, for example by using it to market goods and services you are selling. But social media Influencers are in the unique category of people who earn directly from social media. And social media Influencers in Nigeria have become a force to reckon with.

Social media itself is a product of a vibrant mobile phone and telecommunications industry. With millions of young people carrying around an Internet-connected smartphone, an explosion in content creation for social media is an expected outcome. What started as a trend has become a force to stay, as social media Influencers in Nigeria are making waves – and making good money too.

Akinfaminu - Social Media Influencers In Nigeria

The top influencers, in particular, are courted by businesses of all shapes and sizes. How do social media Influencers make money? In simple terms, by using their reach to provide publicity, PR, and marketing for their clients. It is a clear business: cash for influence and/or amplification.

Who are the top social media Influencers in Nigeria in 2022?

We have a list to guide you. The list is not exhaustive, but every single person listed here is among the top social media Influencers in Nigeria today. The list covers individuals who earn a living from influencing, and is not in any order of standing.

Lasisi Elenu (Nosa Afolabi) is widely known for his comedy skits. He won The Force of Comedy Skits at Trendupp Awards 2022. The category covers influencers and content creators who commanded the highest engagement & vitality power in the comedy niche.

Amazing Klef (Okwuchukwu Martins Dominic) won The Force of Creative Art category at the Trendupp Award 2022. This category covers influencers and content creators who command the highest engagement & vitality power in the art niches such as painting/drawing, writing, video content production and dancing etc.

Zeelicious Foods (Winifred Nwania) is a food content influencer, clinching The Force of Food Content category. Influencers and Content Creators who have been able to infuse creativity in their content thus commanding engagement in the food niche.

Akin Faminu went home with The Force of Lifestyle Content, meaning he leads the pack of influencers and content creators who commanded the highest engagement & vitality power in lifestyle niches such as beauty, travel and fashion.

Kie Kie (Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori) is The Force of Instagram: emerging top among influencers and content creators with the most engaging content and virality power on Instagram.

Miss Techy (Tobi Ayeni) is this year’s Force of Tech Content: Her innovative and engaging videos are loved by millions around the country, and it is no surprise that she emerged winner among Influencers and content creators who use content in communicating technological leaps and information in easily digestible and laudable ways.

R0dn3y (Rodney Odinakachi Umeh). The Force of TikTok: Influencers and Content creators that commanded the highest engagement and virality power on Tiktok.

Pamilerin Adegoke is a popular Twitter influencer and this year’s Force of Twitter: Influencers and Content Creators that dominated the Twitter platform with meaningful/impactful conversations and threads.

Mark Angel, is the Force of YouTube, winning in the category of Influencers and Content creators that commanded the highest engagement and virality power on YouTube.

Aproko Doctor (Nonso Bobby Fidelis Egemba) is a well known name and face to social media users who enjoy his health tips and nuggets. He is the Force of Wellness, emerging top of the class of Influencers and content creators using social platforms to improve the well-being and health of the public in engaging ways.

Mr Macaroni (Debo Adedayo). Are you even on social media if you do not know this name? He is Force of Influence, the Influencer or content creator who commands the highest influence in the Nigerian social media space.

The above list of the top 10 Social Media Influencers in Nigeria was drawn up from the catalogue of winners at Trendupp Awards 2022. Trendupp Awards is Nigeria’s first-ever awards for influencers and content creators. The second edition of the awards held on Sunday, June 12, 2022, at The Monarch Event Centre, Lagos, Nigeria.

Other winners at this year’s Trendupp Awards event include: James Brown (online sensation), Tunde Onakoya (social good), Enioluwa Adeoluwa (vitality), and Adesokan Emmanuel of Shank Comics (emerging force).

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