POVA 5G is the best TECNO smartphone you can buy today, and here’s why

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The POVA 5G‘s biggest claim to fame is that it is TECNO’s first 5G smartphone. But there is more to this intriguing smartphone that was released in December 2021. It is, in fact, the best TECNO smartphone manufactured till date. If you take a close look at its specifications, it immediately dawns on you that this is a gargantuan smartphone. It is big and that reflects on the display too, which comes up to 6.95 inches diagonally. Pretty much, TECNO POVA 5G is a small tablet.

But it isn’t only big in terms of the display and physical dimensions. TECNO packed a massive 6000mAh battery in there, to make sure that you do not run out of juice in a hurry while surfing on a 5G connection. And if you do not have 5G coverage yet, simply imagine how much longer that massive battery will last. But I still haven’t gotten to the main reason why the POVA 5G is the best TECNO smartphone to buy right now in June 2022.

POVA 5G is the best TECNO smartphone to buy right now in June 2022

To address that point, I present to you the 2.4GHz Dimensity 900 chipset that powers this big device. This, dear friend, is the most powerful processor ever that has been seen in a TECNO smartphone. It is more powerful than the Helio G96 chipset used in the Camon 18 Premier and the Phantom X. If you thought Phantom X was the most powerful TECNO smartphone, you were right just until the POVA 5G was released.

In simple terms, if you want to buy the most powerful and the best TECNO smartphone in the market today, the POVA 5G is it. What’s there not to like? It is the only TECNO phone with 5G too, the display is 120Hz refresh rate, there is 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB storage, it has great battery life, and the cameras are decent.

I’d like to put the POVA 5G’s cameras against the Camon 18 Premier’s to see which phone does photography and video better. Meanwhile, I wish that the charging was at least 33W, not 18W. It would have been sweet icing on the cake to have an AMOLED display, too. These are minor gripes that I can live with, though, considering what the POVA 5G brings to the table.

What makes the package even juicier is that the best TECNO smartphone in the market costs less than the Camon 18 Premier or the Phantom X. I am sorry to disappoint you, if you were expecting to hear otherwise. And you should be happy about that, if you are shopping for a budget 5G phone.

Below are frequently asked questions about TECNO POVA 5G

Is TECNO Pova 5G water resistant?

It is not water or dust resistant.

Does TECNO POVA 5G have stereo speakers?

The POVA 5G has a mono speaker.

How much is TECNO POVA 5G?

Tecno Pova 5G sells for ₦149,500 Naira in Nigeria, ₹ 19,999 in India, is listed for Ksh 30,500 in stores in Kenya, and GH₵ 2,220 in Ghana.

Which is more powerful – TECNO POVA 5G or TECNO Camon 19 Pro 5G?

The POVA 5G uses a Dimensity 900 chipset, which is more powerful than the Dimensity 810 chip used in the Camon 19 Pro. The POVA 5G is more powerful than the Camon 19 Pro.

Is TECNO Camon 19 Pro better than POVA 5G?

The POVA 5G is more powerful and has better battery life, but the Camon 19 Pro 5G has faster battery charging, and also likely a better rear camera.

If interested, see the full specs of TECNO POVA 5G. Meanwhile, be careful when shopping from these phone stores. Many of them do not understand phone technology as much as you’d expect. While researching for this article, I found a few stores that listed the POVA 2 as a 5G phone. Shock. Horror. That phone does not support any 5G network; it is a 4G phone. But unsuspecting persons who trust them will order it, expecting to be able to use it on a 5G network, only to be disappointed.

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