How to make MTN Internet faster: Speed up your Internet connection with these easy tips

In the first of our APN matters series, we shared how updating your Airtel data settings can deliver improved browsing speeds. In this second part, we guide you through the steps to take, so you can browse faster on the MTN Nigeria network. It doesn’t matter whether you are using 3G or 4G, applying the hack in this article will improve your browsing speed.

How to make MTN Internet faster
You can make MTN Internet faster with the right APN settings

APN Settings to make MTN Internet faster

Go to your network settings, select the MTN APN configuration settings and carry out the following on it:

  1. Delete the number in the Proxy field
  2. Delete the number in the Proxy Port field
  3. Save the APN setting.

That is it. Simple; right? Now, go browse. You will experience better stability and speeds. Don’t forget to leave a comment to tell us if you find the above tips useful.

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