If you are looking for the best phones with the best camera in Nigeria in 2021, you are not alone. Many others are.

Everybody wants a great camera on their phone. But it is a fact that great cameraphones tend to be the most expensive models around. We have done the work and curated the authoritative list of the phones with the best camera in Nigeria. Our list includes two briolliant camera phones that are much more affordable and pocket-friendly than the premium models you are used to.


which are the top phones with the best camera in Nigeria in 2021?

You already know some of the brand’s that make the best camera phones in the world. They include Huawei, Xiaomi, Apple, Samsung, and OPPO. Not all of these brands made this list, and you will find out why.

Note that, in curating this list, we have taken into consideration only brands that are officially available in Nigeria, as this is a country-specific list. So, let’s get to it.

The top phones with the best camera in Nigeria in 2021

Here are the top phones with the best camera in Nigeria.

1. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

At the top of the list if Apple’s top 2020 model – the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This bad boy has a camera that is super cool and easy to use.

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Unlocked

Apple needs no introduction. The iPhone 12 Pro Max downright has the best camera in a smartphone in Nigeria right now.

It isn’t cheap either. Expect to spend between ₦685,000 and ₦940,000 depending on the variant you want.

 2.Apple iPhone 12 Pro

Second on the list of the phones with the best camera in Nigeria is the Apple iPhone 12 Pro.

The camera is almost as good as that of the Pro Max. The price is in the same range too. It costs ₦665,000 to ₦905,000, depending on your preferred variant.

3. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Mobile has a sterling reputation with camera phones. And the Korean brand makes a showing here in 3rd place with the Galaxy S20 Ultra.

This bad boy will set you back by ₦465,000 only. Small change.

4. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple is back again, but this time with a model from 2019. The iPhone 11 Pro Max sports a too class camera.

Expect to spend as much as ₦675,000 for the highest variant. The lowest variant costs at least ₦585,000.

5. Apple IPhone 12

Another iPhone!! Aaaargh! But facts are facts. The Apple iPhone 12 has a camera that produces photos that pop and that you will love.

There are multiple variants on sale in the country, so expect a bill of between ₦495,000 and ₦610,000 if you are picking up this compact smartphone.

6. Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro
Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro has a high-performance 108MP penta camera that catapults it into the league of the top phones with the best camera in Nigeria in 2021.

Chinese smartphone maker, Xiaomi, shocked the world when it released the first smartphones with a humongous 108-megapixel camera. Skeptical wondered if the huge megapixel count would make a difference.

It did, resulting in one of the best camera phones in the world, and at a bargain price. Say hello to Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro, one of the two phones first released with a 108MP camera. See our Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro review.

Here is a hands-on video of the phone:

For only ₦260,000, you can have one of the phones with the best camera in Nigeria in 2021. This is a bargain that is difficult to turn down.

7. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Samsung galaxy NOTE 20 ULTRA - one of the phones with the best camera in Nigeria

Samsung’s Galaxy Note smartphones are the cream of the crop. They are the biggest and baddest.

Well, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra packs a badass camera too. You can pick one for ₦525,000 only.

8. Samsung Galaxy Note 20

The vanilla Galaxy Note 20 packs a solid camera too. You can snap one for yourself for just ₦406,000.

9. Samsung Galaxy S20

Yes; the Galaxy S20 makes it on this list. It is without doubt one of the phones with the best camera in Nigeria.

Price? Just ₦366,000.

10. Xiaomi Mi Note 10

The Mi Note 10 Pro is the twin brother of the Mi Note 10 Pro. It drops the “Pro” but keeps the 108-megapixel camera.

It is also slightly less capable, but that camera still blows most of the competition out of the water.

And all that goodness for a mere ₦220,000. Incredible.


The top phones with the best camera in Nigeria are made up of smartphones from only three brands – Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi. Huawei would have made the cut, but their latest flagship phone is not officially available in the country.

All of the above smartphones are top dogs – powerful and capable. They are equipped with some of the most powerful processors and have plenty of RAM for the most demanding tasks.

But above all, owning one of these smartphones puts you in an exclusive class of phone owners whose devices can outshoot any others till date. Until a new set of super camera phones are released in Nigeria in 2021, these are the very best cameraphones you can buy in the country.

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