You will be seeing the MediaTek Dimensity 8200 Ultimate chipset in multiple top-of-the-line models from TECNO and Infinix, this year of our Lord, 2024. Those models include the TECNO Phantom V Flip2 and Camon 30 series, as well as the Infinix GT 20, Zero 40, and the Zero Flip series. Let me tell you why.

Every year, the Transsion duo of TECNO and Infinix pick a number of components to be used across their brands. Sharing supply logistics and all the works that way helps lower unit production costs and keep final prices down. Chipsets are some of the components that they share.

What is a chipset?

Think of a chipset as the brain of your smartphone. Whatever chipset a phone has manages and controls everything about the phone – charging, cameras, display, sensors, internet connectivity, video playback, gaming, etc. So, a phone’s chipset determines how capable that phone is for all tasks.

Introducing MediaTek Dimensity 8200 Ultimate

MediaTek Dimensity 8200 Ultimate

This year, the choice for their top TECNO and Infinix models (excluding the big foldable) is the Dimensity 8200 Ultimate. It is a derivative of the MediaTek Dimensity 8200. TECNO says the Dimensity 8200 Ultimate is a custom collaboration between them and MediaTek. The jury is out on the results of that collaboration, though, as all reviews of released models do not show the custom solution as superior. Anyway, the original 8200 is a solid mid-range chipset, so even if the “ultimate” tag looks like nothing but branding, nothing spoil.

And it isn’t only Transsion brand sthat are doing this. Xiaomi also has the Dimensity 8200 Ultra, which is allegedly a custom solution for Xiaomi phones. Again, has anyone noticed any differences in performance? Not that I know of. The official line is that it was customised for improvements to the camera the Xiaomi phones it is used in.

Confirmed Dimensity 8200 Ultimate phones from TECNO and Infinix

The following smartphone models from the duo have been announced and released with the MediaTek Dimensity 8200 Ultimate chipset:

  1. TECNO Camon 30 Pro
  2. TECNO Camon 30 Premier
  3. Infinix GT 20 Pro
Infinix GT 20 Pro is a Dimensity 8200 smartphone.
The Infinix GT 20 Pro has the Dimensity 8200 Ultimate chipset.

There are a number of other models that will be arriving with the Dimensity 8200 Ultimate chipset. They include the Phantom V Flip2, the Infinix Zero 40 Pro, and the Infinix Zero Flip. In all, TECNO and Infinix phones with this chipset will be the most capable phones in their line-up for the year, with the exception of the Phantom V Fold2 and Infinix Zero Flip, which will use something more powerful. The grapevine has it that the Zero Flip is Infinix’s first foldable smartphone.

Helio G99 Ultimate for flagship 4G models

For non-4G smartphones from TECNO and Infinix, the chipset you will have to deal with is the Helio G99 Ultimate, also from MediaTek. And yes, we have that “ultimate” spin again, and it is the same situation. Supposedly, the Helio G99 Ultimate is a customised version of the regular Helio G99 chipset. Not that anyone has noticed any differences between them. Again, the standard G99 is a good chip, so… nothing spoil.

Several of those 4G models have been announced already and are available in the market. They include Infinix Note 40, Infinix Note 40 Pro 4G, TECNO Camon 30, TECNO Spark 20 Pro+, and itel R14. Perhaps more will still show up before the year runs out.

2024 is panning out to be an exciting year for smartphones. In the world of TECNO and Infinix, let the Dimensity 8200 Ultimate and Helio G99 Ultimate smartphones keep rolling out.

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