I took one look at the new vivo V30 Lite 4G and liked it. It is difficult not to. It has a sleek design but also features some mouthwatering specs and features.

For example, it has a 3D flat design and a colour-changing back, so when you turn the phone around in different angles, it changes colour from breeze green to vibrant green as the light hits it differently. It also has an IP54 rating, meaning it has some protection from dust and from water sprays and droplets.

vivo V30 Lite 4G

If you love to be able to top up your smartphone’s battery quickly (and honestly, who wouldn’t?), there is 80W fast charge for that. I currently enjoy how fast 45W tops up my phone. 80W would blow my mind away. It should get you from zero to 80% battery charge in about 30 minutes. Sounds fantastic, in my books.

What of battery life? With a 5000mAh battery, I doubt you will have anything to worry about, unless Vivo really messed up the software optimisation. I mean, have you ever heard of any phone with 5000mah battery and poor battery life? A manufacturer really has to mess up, big time, for that to happen.

Stereo speakers are another favourite feature of mine. I want stereo speakers in my smartphone. vivo V30 Lite 4G has those, too. And that is in addition to the 120Hz AMOLED display. AMOLED is a good touch.

The one spec that I am wary of

The vivo V30 Lite 4G uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 685 chipset. About two months ago, I reviewed the Redmi Note 13 4G (see the YouTube video), another phone that was released with the Snapdragon 685, and it felt underpowered to me. The SD685 didn’t do that phone justice and so I am wary of it everywhere, including here in the vivo V30 Lite 4G, as well.

An alternative chipset that is tried and trusted and performs better is the famous Helio G99. Put that in the V30 Lite 4G and I’d be ecstatic about the performance. Vivo should have opted for that. But, what’s done is done.

Coupled with the Snapdragon 685 is 8GB of RAM and 8GB of extended RAM, to help run apps as smoothly as possible. There is 256GB internal storage as well. You can also put in a memory card, if 256GB storage isn’t enough for you. In which case I’d ask, What in God’s name are you storing in your phone?! There is a 128GB storage variant of the phone, but Vivo Nigeria hadn’t mentioned that, so we can safely assume that it won’t be available in the country.

For photography and video recording, there is an 8-megapixel selfie camera in front and a 50-megapixel camera at the back. There is a second lens, a 2-megapixel sensor for adding depth to your photos. There is nothing special about that camera configuration. Not that there has to be. The cameras just have to be good enough.

How much is Vivo V30 Lite 4G?

As at the time I am writing this, the V30 Lite 4G is on pre-order for a princely sum of ₦299,900. That is pricey for a s.artphone of its specs, no matter how you look at it – or how I look at it. The big advantage it has over competing devices is the 80W Flash Charge. Those competitors have no more than 33W charge. The colour-changing design is cool, too, if that’s the kind of thing you are looking for.

Competitor and alternatives

The Redmi Note 13 4G comes to mind first. It shares some specs and features with the V30 Lite 4G, and costs significantly less, if you don’t mind having 6GB RAM. If you insist on 8GB RAM (and I would), you will pay about ₦290,000. You are not saving much there but if every kobo counts for you, it is a good call .

Another alternative is TECNO Spark 20 Pro, which drops the AMOLED display for an LCD panel, and drops the water/dust protection from IP54 to IP53. Charging is also slower at only 33W. But it also costs around ₦220,000, a significant drop from the price of the Vivo V30 Lite 4G.

Lastly, I will mention the OPPO A78 4G, which has similar specs (cameras and battery), but downgrades the chipset to an even less capable Snapdragon 680. However, it has Gorilla Glass 5 protection on the screen (if you drop your phone a lot, this might sway you), as well as 67W fast charging, the closet to the V30 Lite 4G. Lastly, it costs less – just about ₦9,000 less. It is something; right?

There are other alternatives in the market, and you should look around some more. You will find enough viable options from TECNO, Xiaomi, Samsung, and OPPO.

My verdict

The vivo V30 Lite 4G is a beautiful smartphone that will appeal to fashionistas and those who like to make a statement with their appearance. I’d buy it for that. I wouldn’t buy it for the performance, as I can get significantly better performance for the same price or at a lower price point.

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