PS: As promised, I have updated the original article with the story of my trip to CarlCare to fix my phone. Yes, the TECNO Phantom V Flip screen insurance is true blue.

Nobody who gets a smartphone wishes to ever have to send the phone to a service centre. But if wishes were horses, we would all ride. The Phantom V Flip is TECNO’s first clamshell smartphone and I own one. My unit had an accident and I have to take advantage of the Phantom V Flip screen insurance that I paid for last year. Here is the story.

How my TECNO Phantom V Flip Got Damaged

On and off, I had been having mild symptoms of malaria for a few weeks now. Yesterday afternoon, I had a sudden breakout of fever along with other symptoms. So I reclined where I was and dozed off. Minutes later, I was startled awake by the sound of my Phantom V Flip making impact with the times floor. Apparently, I had been reading something on it earlier when sleep carried me to where I didn’t know. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Hopefully, my Phantom V Flip screen insurance will take care of things.
Hopefully, the Phantom V Flip screen insurance I purchased will take care of things.

The interesting thing is that I didn’t fret or worry. Perhaps it was the malaria in my system that had dulled my mind. I picked up the phone, and as is expected, immediately checked for any cracks on the screen. Thankfully, there was none. There was no sign of any physical damage.

But a few minutes later, I noticed the first sign that something was wrong. Every time I needed to tap an item located in the too right corner of the screen, I got no response. The screen was now non-responsive to touch in that area. But that wasn’t all; in addition, the screen began to act wierd at random. It would open this menu, close that other one, swipe around, and generally dance around, all of its own accord. This Phantom V Flip 5G was now officially possessed.

I reached out to someone in the TECNO ecosystem and she asked me to bring it in to CarlCare today. I remember that I paid for screen insurance cover for the phone last year, so I am not expecting a bill. In a conversation about it with my son, when I told him I have a Phantom V Flip screen insurance to fall back on, he said, “That’s great news then. Hopefully, they wont ask you to pay anything”.

Me: “Thunder will strike them if they do.” We both laughed over that.

Wish me luck as I take the phone down to CarlCare today. Hopefully, it will be a quick fix and not require a protracted wait. I don’t mind a few days or even a week. And hopefully, the screen insurance will be true blue and I won’t have to pay anything to get this beautiful guy fixed.

The Phantom V Flip has been a solid smartphone that I’ve enjoyed using. I am trying to get used to the big screen size, though, as I prefer much more compact screen sizes. I am certain that it would have much lesser chances of dropping from the hand if the screen wasn’t so big. Handy phones are just so much easier to hold on to. But you guys all want big phones and phone manufacturers have responded to the demand, and so I am stuck with them. Oh, well. Such is life. Anyway, if you haven’t seen it yet, do watch my YouTube video review of the Phantom V Flip.

While the V Flip is away, I shall be using the Camon 20 Premier as my backup smartphone. In my line of worm, a backup phone is very important. The good thing is that the Camon 20 Premier isn’t a downgrade in experience. It shares key internal specs with the V Flip. For example, they have the same processor and RAM. Nice.

Meanwhile, TECNO, where are the promised Android 14 updates for the Phantom V Flip and Camon 20 Premier? Where is HiOS 14? What is happening? April 2024 is almost over.

CarlCare Honoured The Phantom V Flip Screen Insurance

So, I took the phone to CarlCare Ikeja, along Oba Akran avenue. I was attended to and quick paper work was done. The phone was collected and I was asked to sit for an hour. The wait was more than an hour, but it was worth it. When I was called back in about two hours later, my phone was back in shape. They had changed the screen and it works as good as new again.

Was there any bill attached? None. No charges. Sango and Thor can take a break this weekend; I shall not be needing their services. The guys at CarlCare did a commendable job.

I have always been a believer in insurance, and once again, my belief has been affirmed. The first time was when our car was totalled in an accident in 2008. We were able to replace it thanks to the claim paid. Insure your goods, people.

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