If you are hunting for a solid budget 4G Android phone, a comparison of Redmi 12C and Redmi 13C is an interesting one, because while the latter is supposed to be the replacement of the former, both of them are essentially the same phone at heart.

We see what Xiaomi did, though, and we understand it, even if we don’t totally like it. The Redmi 12C is such a compelling budget smartphone (we loved it when we reviewed it) that Xiaomi decided if it wasn’t broken, there was no point fixing it. So they tweaked a few small things and gave us the Redmi 13C.

Redmi 12C and Redmi 13C: Comparison Table

Compare Redmi 12C and Redmi 13C
Redmi 12C and Redmi 13C
Redmi 12CRedmi 13C
6.71 inches, 720 x 1650 pixels, 60Hz, IPS LCD6.74 inches, 720 × 1600 pixels, 90Hz, IPS LCD, Corning Gorilla Glass
Dual SIM, nano SIMDual SIM, nano SIM
Android 12 + MIUI 13 Android 13 + MIUI 14
Octa-core, Helio G85, 2.0 GHzOcta-core, Helio G85, 2.0 GHz
5 MP selfie camera8 MP selfie camera
50 MP wide + 0.08 MP depth rear camera50 MP wide + 2 MP macro + 0.08 MP rear camera
Rear fingerprint Side-mounted fingerprint
32/64/128 GB internal storage + dedicated microSD slot128/256 GB internal storage + dedicated microSD slot
2/4/6 GB RAM4/6/8 GB RAM
USB Type-CUSB Type-C
5000 mAh battery + 10W charging5000 mAh battery + 18W fast charging
from $99 or ₦82,900. from $115 or ₦98,100.

In terms of specifications, these two 4G budget phones have lots of similarities and shared features, as well as a few differences. Let’s talk about them in greater detail.


Compare Redmi 12C and Redmi 13C: Which is better? 1
The newer Redmi 13C

Both phones are fitted with an IPS LCD screen and share almost the same display resolution (720 x 1650 pixels and 720 x 1600). They both weigh 192g. Both smartphones use the same chipset, CPU, and GPU – the Helio G85 with an octa-core setup running at maximum of 2.0 GHz, and Mali-G52 MC2.

Th main cameras of both phones are the same – a 50 MP wide angle snapper that shoots 1080p video. They also have the same 5000 mAh battery capacity. And both support USB Type-C standard.

So, at the core, the Redmi 12C and Redmi 13C are the same device dressed up differently.

Lastly, both phones have a dedicated microSDXC card slot. This means if you want to use a memory card, you have to give up one of the two SIM card slots. Yes; they are both dual-SIM phones. And lest we forget, they are both 4G devices. There is no 5G here. You still need to spend over ₦100,000 to buy a 5G phone now.


While they weigh the same, they differ significantly in dimensions. The Redmi 13C is wider and thinner. We prefer the 8.1mm slim profile to the older Redmi’s 8.8 mm. Most people prefer their phones slim.

The Redmi 13C has a slightly bigger display (6.74 inches compared to the 12C’s 6.71). It seems to us that Xiaomi struggled hard to make the Redmi 13C different from the Redmi 12C. Because, why are we talking about 0.03 inches difference in screen size? Thankfully, there is more: the 13C has Gorilla Glass protection for the display. Also, it sports an 8-megapixel selfie camera at the top of the display, while the older Redmi has a 5-megapixel selfie camera.

The 12C was released in December 2022 and it launched with MIUI 13 based on Android 12, while the Redmi 13C was released in November 2023 with MIUI 14 based on Android 13.

As far as RAM and internal storage is concerned, once again, Redmi 12C and Redmi 13C offer different experiences. The former offers more options. Redmi 12C has eight memory variants, while the 13C has only three.

Xiaomi Redmi 12C
The older Redmi 12C

The Redmi 13C is equipped with Bluetooth 5.3 instead of the v5.1 in its predecessor. And while both have afibgerorint scan we, it is located on the back in the Redmi 12C but at the side in the 13C. Lastly, one significant difference is that with 18W fast charging, the Redmi 13C tops up its battery much faster than the Redmi 12C can.


No matter how intriguing a comparison between the Redmi 12C and Redmi 13C is, at the end of the day, there are a few features that are strong differentiation factors. At heart, they may be the same devices, but Xiaomi has used these two factors to set the 13C apart as an upgrade to the 12C.

It is smart thinking, and we agree that the 13C is the better of the two devices. You get Gorilla Glass protection on the display, 90Hz refresh rate, a higher specified selfie camera, higher memory options, and faster charging. You also get a slimmer phone. Those are significant upgrades.

The Redmi 12C gives you more affordable memory options. Because of this, the Redmi 13C has higher price tags than its predecessor. At the end of the day, you will have to decide what you want and what you can afford. So, over to you: if you had to pick between Redmi 12C and Redmi 13C, which would it be? You tell us.

Xiaomi Redmi 13C and Redmi 12C Video Comparison

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