Samsung Galaxy A15 5G and A25: Battle of the budget phones

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Samsung Galaxy A15 5G and A25 are two devices that are very close in terms of specs and features. Both are budget Android phones, fit for individuals looking for affordable options. And both are available for sale in Nigeria. Price is a strong differentiating factor in Nigeria, as most buyers are looking for the best deals.

I have looked around the top phone stores in the country and found that the Galaxy A15 5G starts from 289,500, while the Galaxy A25 starts from N403,000. That difference of over a hundred thousand naira is a lot for most Nigerian smartphone users. If you have to choose one, do you think that the Galaxy A25 offers enough extra value to justify the significant price difference? That is what I hope to help you find out. PS: If you prefer to watch a video instead of to read an article, head here (YouTube link).

Samsung Galaxy A15 5G and A25
Samsung Galaxy A15 5G and A25: Specs, features, and prices in Nigeria compared below

Samsung Galaxy A15 5G and A25: Similarities and Differences

I am going to highlight the differences in specs, features, and prices of these two affordable Samsung phones. Let me start by saying that, in terms of physical appearance, there is no way to tell these two phones apart. They are replicas – identical twins, to all extents and purposes. The differences are few and are mostly not visible to the eyes.

They both have the same design, are both made of plastic, have similar dimensions, have a waterdrop notch, and have a side fingerprint sensor. Physically speaking, there are no differences to see. As a matter of fact, they both come in the same four colours – Brave Black, Personality Yellow, Fantasy Blue, and Optimistic Blue.


The major difference between Samsung Galaxy A15 5G and A25 is the choice of processors. The A15 5G has a 6-nanometer Dimensity 6100+ chipset, while the Galaxy A25 has a 5-nanometer Exynos 1280 chipset In the world of processors and chips, the smaller the nanometer figure, the more efficient the chip.. The Galaxy A25’s chipset is the more capable, more efficient one here.

So, if you want more processing power – for example, if you are a gamer and want the best possible budget option for gaming – you should strongly consider the Galaxy A25. The difference in performance is not superb, the Exynos 1280 in the A25 offers about 25% better gaming performance. A 25% difference is significant though.

Build Materials, Dimensions, Display

Both the Samsung Galaxy A15 5G and A25 are made of plastic, and both have very similar dimensions (nothing you will notice with the naked eye), and similar weights. The display sizes are the same 6.5 inches, they are both Super AMOLED panels, and are both 1080p resolution (1080 x 2340 pixels). The only difference between the two displays is that the A15 5G has 90Hz refresh rate, while the A25 has 120Hz refresh rate.

Mobile Networks, eSIM

Away from the display, they are both 5G devices, have single and dual SIM options, and both use the hybrid slot system, meaning if you use a 2nd SIM in them, you will not be able to use a memory card. Neither of them supports eSIM.

Selfie Cameras

Everyone is interested in how good the cameras on modern smartphones are. Afterall, we all want to take peng selfies and photos of our favourite spots and events. Both the Samsung Galaxy A15 5G and A25 have a 13-megapixel selfie camera in a waterdrop notch at the top of their display. That of the Samsung A25 is slightly more capable, though.

Rear Cameras

At the back of both of them are triple cameras – the main camera of both is a 50-megapixel snapper of the same specs. They also both have an ultrawide camera, but that of the A15 5G is a 5-megapixel shooter, while that of the A25 is an 8-megapixel shooter. You will likely get more details out of the A25’s ultrawide camera. Lastly, they both have a 2-megapixel macro camera. I wouldn’t hold my breath for those, if I were you. 2MP macro cameras have been proven to be mostly useless; I am not sure why any phone brand continues to include them.

Battery and Charging

Again, there are no differences here in terms of battery capacity and charging. Both Samsung Galaxy A15 5G and A25 are equipped with a 5000mAh battery and 25W fast charging. Neither has wireless charging.

Software and Updates

Both Samsung Galaxy A15 5G and A25 ship with One UI 6.1 based on Android 14, and both will get four years of Android software updates and five years of security upgrades or patches. Not many budget smartphones from competitors offer that much support.

Prices in Nigeria

The Samsung A15 5G prices start from ₦289,500 for the 6GB RAM, 128GB storage variant. The 8GB RAM, 256GB variant costs ₦322,500. The Galaxy A25 starts from ₦403,000 for the 6GB RAM, 128GB storage variant. The 8GB RAM 256GB storage variant sells for as high as ₦470,500. That is almost half a million naira.

Also note that depending on foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations, the above prices are subject to change.

Both phones are available from major retailers like Pointek, Slot, Finet, Jumia, and Konga, as well as many other smaller outlets and platforms in Nigeria.

Samsung Galaxy A15 5G and A25: Which should you buy?

Samsung Galaxy A25 5G

The main difference between Samsung Galaxy A15 5G and A25 are the processors. Other differences are found in the available memory configurations, the ultrawide angle cameras and the display refresh rates. These are pretty much all the differences you will find between the two devices. These are what you are paying extra for.

Considering the price differences, I think that the Samsung A25 is overpriced here in Nigeria, though it is the better device overall. The price differences between it and the A15 5G are huge and do not reflect the prices elsewhere. I guess the Nigerian factor is at play here.

I believe that at the end of the day, price will be the major determiner here. It is either you can afford the Galaxy A25 or not. If you are like most Nigerians and cannot, the cheaper Samsung A15 5G is the device for you. It is a good deal if you are looking for the most affordable 5G Samsung smartphone released in the last few months.

Both Samsung Galaxy A15 5G and A25 were released in December 2023, making them solid options to buy in 2024. Whichever you are able to afford, they are both up-to-date and will serve you well.

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