The Camon 18 Premier is an interesting mid-range smartphone that has my attention for a number of f reasons. One of them is the periscope telephoto lens, which is key to the Super Moon camera mode, and another is gimbal stabilisation for videos.

I have already demonstrated the gimbal stabilisation in an earlier video. It is a technology that smoothens out shakes and jerks during video recordings. I am embedding it here so you can see it, if you hadn’t before now.

TECNO Camon 18 Premier gimbal video stabilisation at work

This time, I want to share a few photos I took using the telephoto lens and Super Moon mode. The telephoto lens has 5x optical zoom, while the Super Moon shot makes use of a hybrid of optical and digital zoom to shoot photos of up to 60x magnification. Sounds impressive. So, I took the camera for a spin to see how it performs in real life. Here are some sample photos.

Sample photos from the Camon 18 Premier’s periscope telephoto lens and Super Moon mode

Regular photo of the moon taken with TECNO Camon 18 Premier
A picture of the moon using the camera’s normal mode.
5x optical zoom photo of the moon taken with TECNO Camon 18 Premier
Same moon captured with 5x optical zoom
Super Moon shot at a 25x hybrid oom maginification.
And finally, I used Super Moon shot at a 25x hybrid zoom maginification.

Not bad at all. I like the results. But what if I am not interested in the moon? Is this useful in daylight scenarios? I was sitting out on the balcony and enjoying some fresh air the other day when I noticed a bird perched on an electric wire some distance off. I grabbed the Camon 18 Premier and fired a quick shots while praying the bird doesn’t take off before I was done.

Regular photo of a bird on a wire in the distance. Shot with TECNO Camon 18 Premier.
First shot was done in regular camera mode. That dot on the electricity cable in the left side of the photo is the bird. This photo gives you an idea of how far away the bird was.
5x optical zoom photo of a bird on a wire in the distance. Shot with TECNO Camon 18 Premier's periscope telephoto lens.
And here is the bird on a wire in 5x telephoto mode
25x Super Moon hybrid zoom photo of a bird on a wire in the distance. Shot with TECNO Camon 18 Premier.
And lastly, I pushed the magnification all the way to 60x in Super Moon mode.

Impressive, though I am sad at the lack of light that happens the further one zooms in. Still, it is impressive that the camera can zoom in that far.

Is there anything you’d like me to try on the Camon 18 Premier? Do you have questions about it? You are welcome to ask them, and I will answer. I have the phone with me and should be able to verify anything you need to know about it.

Also, if you haven’t seen it, check out the detailed TECNO Camon 18 Premier review on our sister site, MobilityArena.

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