January 2023 Update: MTN has stopped the offer of 24GB For ₦3500. There is no way to confirm if this is a temporary or a permanent move on their part. Feel free to give it a try every now and then. You never know.

If you are familiar with our work here at Mobility Nigeria, you already know that we do not get involved with free data cheats. We stay off all illegal and unethical practices here. As such, the information about getting 24GB data for ₦3500 that we are sharing here is 100% legit and officially offered by MTN, Nigeria’s largest telecom operator.

This was my favourite data plan for several months, so I am well conversant with it. You will agree with me that a data volume of 24GB data for ₦3500 is a mouthwatering offer.

But it doesn’t end there. When you subscribe for this plan, MTN also includes a YouTube Night data of 6GB for your use between the hours of 11 pm and 6 am.

Validity on the 12GB data is 30 days. Validity of the 12GB bonus data is about 2 weeks. The validity of the YouTube Night data is 2 weeks as well.

Get 24GB data for ₦3500 from MTN

If you are subscribed to MTN, you can subscribe to this data offer and enjoy bonus data for a month for the tidy sum of ₦3,500. It is one of the most generous, pocket-friendly data offers I have seen.

How to activate 24GB data for ₦3500 on MTN Nigeria

You can activate 24GB data for 3500 naira data plan offer – one by using the MyMTN app. That is the way I do it all the time. Below are steps on how to get it activated.

  1. Get the MyMTN mobile app from the Play Store by clicking HERE.
  2. Sign in to the mobile app with your MTN number.
  3. Make sure you have ₦3,500 on your MTN line.
  4. On the app’s Homepage, tap the “Mega Deal Zone” box
  5. You will find yourself on a page that says, “Crack The Egg
  6. Tap the egg labelled “Data4ME” to display a data offer.
  7.  If you get an offer to buy 12GB + EXTRA 12GB data bonus at ₦3,500, that’s the one you want. Tap the “Accept” button. If you didn’t get that offer, tap “Crack Another Egg” for another offer.
  8. Once you see the 12GB + EXTRA 12GB offer, tap the “Accept” button.

That is all. Once done, your line will be credited with 24GB data, and you will get a text message from MTN Nigeria confirming activation of your plan, as well as your data volume. Once you get the notification, you can start using your data right away.

This data package is usable on your smartphone, feature phone, USB modem or MiFi. This 24GB data subscription works on 2G, 3G, and 4G coverage on MTN.

I have heard complaints from people saying that this offer is not valid and that they only get 12GB data. Probing further, I found out that all such complaints come from those using the *121# shortcode.

I don’t use that USSD code and so cannot speak about what the results are. But I have consistently gotten 24GB data from MTN for just ₦3500 by using the above process via the MyMTN app. It works.

It also appears that this offer may be available to subscribers who spend a minimum amount monthly on their MTN line. I have not been able to verify this. But I remember that some people have said to me in the past that they cracked the egg multiple times and didn’t get the offer.

That suggests to me that the 24GB data offer is not available for everyone but is restricted by the telecom operator to subscribers based on their monthly spend. I might be wrong, but if certain people are not getting the offer, that seems the only plausible reason.

I will love to have your feedback if you have tried this before. Share the results you got. It might help other subscribers.

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7 thought on “Get 24GB data for ₦3500 on the MTN network”
  1. Yes it’s no longer working. Because I do that 3500 a lot on my mifi. Log into my mifi to subscribe it’s showing 18GB for 3500 (12GB +6GB for Youtube) but it didn’t affect the 50GB.

    Even it’s showing 6.75GB for 2000 on my phone

    1. Which one are you now using because since it stopped working i dont know what plan to use again,have been using the 24gb for 3500 for awhile now

  2. Thought I was alone on this, I ve been on the 3500 to 24g data plan but my last 2 purchase gave me only 12g

  3. I don’t have the app. I have been using the code, *121#, and it has been working until February ending (2023) or so when I tried to suscribe again, cause I have been using the code to suscribe it since 2021. The offer fluctuates. It can be in your line today and not be tomorrow. If it’s not, you won’t get the 12gig bonus. Also the extra 12gig and YouTube bonus both lasted for 30 days as well. Infact, all their bonuses last for 30 days. But the #3,500 for 24gig has stopped. Also just last month ending (March,2023), I did 5k for 40gig, now they have reduced it to 30gig. MTN is crazy.

  4. Yeaa… I observed the offer only happens once a month. Meaning when you exhaust the data, you won’t be able to renew till the expiry date of the previous is near.
    Also like GIC mentioned, mtn slashed the bonuses. I use 5k to 40gb, it’s now 37.5gb.
    I went through a maze to find the offer with ussd code.
    Seems MTN has an algorithm to force users to graduate to higher packages by eliminating their previous package from the DATA FORME list.
    Things MTN do.

  5. I didn’t see the #3,500 data plan on the application. Only #10,000 or #15,000 subscription is seen

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