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I started my adventures in mobile and gadgets in 2001 when GSM was launched in Nigeria. My first phone was Motorola T2288. I have since gone on to own over 200 mobile phones (not counting other gadgets) and to review much more (I write about mobile phones at MobilityArena and also here at Mobility Nigeria). On this page, I detail the gadgets that I am currently using. I use most of them on the daily, while some of them are now archive property, i.e., they don’t get to see much action any more.

  • Apple iPhone SE 2022: This is my choice of 5G smartphone. Why? I wanted a compact 5G smartphone that would also get quick software updates and also have a really good camera. As such, the Pixel 6a would have been my easy choice, but with the number of issues being reported and no official support available in Nigeria, I am wary. So, I decided to go with its counterpart in Apple’s kingdom.
  • Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro: This is my preferred camera phone till date. I got it in January 2020, if my memory serves me right, and I would probably still be using it as my primary smartphone, were it not for a fault in the top edge of the screen after a fall in late 2021. My village people got me on this one. The camera is largely unmatched. When I take it along to events, once people see the quality of the photos it takes, they want me to take photos of them with it.
  • Oraimo Tempo W3 is my current smartwatch. Having used a number of smartwatches over the years, I find that I prefer round-face models better.
  • Oraimo Toast 10000mah Type C 18W Powerbank: I don’t use a power bank much these days, but it is a good idea to have one around and available. You never can tell. The Oraimo Toast 1000mAh portable battery has served me well in those periods that I needed one. My primary smartphone supports 33W fast charging, but being able to do 18W charging in an emergency works just fine.
  • ZNT RockHiFi: My current set of true wireless earphones. They have a good fit in my ears and sound quality is good enough for all use cases.
  • LDNIO C61 Combo 4 USB Fast Car Charger. The perfect road warrior charger that allows me to plug in four different devices to charge at the same time when driving. One of those ports charge at 18W speed, while the others do standard charging speed. It serves well on long road trips.
  • Zxhn F660 GPON CPE ONU for Fiber Optic Home Internet.
  • Tiger DC UPS TDC-1100. This multipurpose power bank UPS keeps the home router running during power failure.
  • Huawei E5573 LTE MiFi.
  • ICE-CUBE Wireless Speaker with selfie shutter. Not so great for listening to music, but serves as a cool keyholder and a selfie accessory (when you push the button on the ICE-CUBE, it takes a selfie on your paired phone).
  • Generic 10W Wireless Charger.
  • FFRC Elfie foldable drone: I purchased this in 2018 or 2019, to satisfy my childhood desire to fly a remote-controlled aircraft. It no longer flies, due to damaged blades.

Yomi Adegboye AKA Mister Mobility

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