This retro style mobile phone is a must-see (With photos)

It is not every day that one comes across a mobile phone that is truly unique. Have a look at what I ran into recently:

Retro phone
Retro phone mouth

Yes; it looks like an old school telephone handset. Have a look at the keypad. It does not look like typing on this thing is going to be any fun.

Retro phone home screen

The display is not touchscreen, and as you can see, the user interface is a rip off the older Symbian S60 3rd Edition UI.

Retro phone main menu
Retro Settings menu
Retro rear camera

The rear camera is piss-poor – producing horrible photographs. I suspect that it is very likely a 0.3 megapixel unit with optics all wrong.

The brand name seems to be DSKW. There was nothing in the Settings that gave any more details about the device.

The device is a very basic feature phone. No doubt, because of its retro style, it is an interesting device. It looks like something I would love to buy for use as a house phone or for use as my desk phone at the office. I wouldn’t fancy carrying this around. It will put a bulge in any pocket that one attempts to put it into. It is a not-so-mobile mobile phone. I have no idea what the battery rating is like, but a phone like this – if well done – should go for days on a single charge.

What do you think? Are there any scenarios in which you would love to use this?

Dont sleep on this

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