Technology meets fashion: TECNO announces Camon 18 Premier Ceramic Edition

TECNO Mobile has announced the release of CAMON 18 Premier Ceramic Edition, a version of the regular Camon 18 Premier encased in precision ceramic. Ceramic is one of the “super materials” in modern technology, with high strength and temperature resistance. More resilient and harder than steel, the microstructure is a combination of crystalline and glassy crystals bonded together.


If you are averse to glass and metal finishes on phones, the Camon 18 Premier Ceramic Edition will interest you. The advantages of a ceramic finish include better grip, as it is less slippery than metal and glass on the regular version of the device, and lesser fingerprint stains. TECNO says the Ceramic Edition “will look polished and clean all the time”. Not a bad value proposition.

TECNO Camon 18 Premier Ceramic Edition
TECNO CAMON 18 Premier Ceramic Edition

TECNO Camon 18 Premier Ceramic Edition Specifications

Apart from the polished ceramic finish, the specs of the CAMON 18 Premier Ceramic Edition are the same as the regular version. They include the low-blue light screen and 33W safe fast charge, 8 GB RAM with 256 GB ROM (storage memory), 32MP front-facing selfie camera, and triple rear cameras. There is a main 64MP camera, a 12MP ultra steady gimbal camera and an 8MP periscope magnifying camera. The telephoto lens on this special edition phone gives a 60x hyper zoom ultra distance shooting experience.

There is no word on the pricing of this version.

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