PlayStation is arguably the biggest video game console manufacturer in the world, and it is very popular in Nigeria amongst gamers. The PlayStation Plus is a subscription plan that every PS user needs to have to enjoy the console entirely. In this piece, I’ll show you how to pay for PlayStation Plus subscription in Nigeria with ease.


Paying for online services and products that do not charge in Nigeria is quite tough at the moment. This is even made harder as PlayStation does not recognize Nigeria in its list of countries. This makes getting to pay for PlayStation Plus subscription in Nigeria quite hard and even buying games from the PlayStation Store.
Without wasting much of our time, let’s get right into today’s article.

How to Pay for PlayStation Plus Subscription in Nigeria

Following the steps below, you will be able to pay for PlayStation Plus subscription in Nigeria with ease.

If you’re looking to pay for PlayStation Plus subscription in Nigeria, then you must already have a PlayStation account. If you do not have one, make sure to create one.


As you already know, Nigeria is not on the list of countries supported by PlayStation. The first step is to change your PlayStation account’s region to the United States. This is going to make it easier to use a USD card which is the most commonly used way to pay for PlayStation Plus subscription in Nigeria.

1. Get a USD Card

Getting a USD card is the next step to take as that’s what we are going to use to make payments on the account.

To get a USD card, you can either use a virtual dollar card or a local bank dollar card.

If you want to use a virtual dollar card, I suggest that you use a reputable virtual dollar card provider like Geegpay, Payoneer, Chipper, etc. When you get the virtual dollar card, you will be provided with details like a US address, zip code, and the usual card details.

If you want to use a local bank card, go to your bank and request a Dollar card. The problem here is that the USD card from your bank won’t have a US address which is needed as your PlayStation account is set to US. However, if you already have a USD bank card, you can switch the address and zip code to a US address when entering the details. Barter’s address is quite common and you can use that and see if it works.

Using a USD card is one way to pay for PlayStation Plus subscription in Nigeria, and it is quite easy so far you have a working card that is funded.

2. Use a PlayStation Gift Card

Gift cards are another way you can use to pay for PlayStation Plus subscription in Nigeria. There are two major ways to get a PlayStation gift card in Nigeria and I’ll show you them.

You can buy a PlayStation Gift Card from Amazon and it is quite easy. Go to Amazon and search for PlayStation gift cards, then tap the highly rated one. To pay for the gift card on Amazon is quite easy as the company does accept normal Nigerian bank cards sometimes.

Another way is by using the Kuda app. A few months ago, Kuda introduced gift cards to its users, letting them buy gift cards easily. If you do not have a Kuda account, create one and complete the KYC, it is quite easy and fast to finish. Now, tap the Pay button at the bottom, then tap Gift Cards under the Lifestyle section. On the Gift Cards page, search for PlayStation gift card, tap the card, select the value, and tap Buy. Make sure to fund your account with the amount needed in Naira.

If you do not prefer any of the two above options, you can try to buy PlayStation gift cards from reputable retailers in Nigeria.

3. Use a PayPal Account

If you have a PayPal account, you can add it as a payment option on your PlayStation account via the PlayStation Store on your web browser. Go to PlayStation Store then sign in. Go to your account settings then tap Payment Management, now, add your PayPal account as a payment option.
With this added, you can find your PlayStation wallet and use it to pay for PlayStation Plus subscription in Nigeria or to buy games.

PayPal accounts can be created for Nigeria but you’re restricted from receiving money so you can add your bank card to fund your PayPal account.

TIP: When using any bank card, I would suggest always trying a VISA card first as it is accepted by lots of stores and services across the world.

Now, we’ve come to the end of this article showing you how to pay for PlayStation Plus subscription in Nigeria. Check out our article on how to use Verve card on Google Play Store conveniently.

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