Ntel N1 Nova VoLTE phone: First Look

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If you have seen the Ntel N1 Nova specifications, you already know that it is an intriguing mobile device. With a 3.5-inch display and traditional hardware mobile keypad, it looks like a feature phone, but it is Android inside. Android 6 Marshmallow, to be precise. The Ntel N1 Nova has full Android OS capabilities – Play Store is in there, as is everything else you expect from Android OS.

The N1 Nova is not a small device. It is has about the same height as the Samsung A5 2017 and is a little narrower but thicker. The bulk of the front of the phone is taken up by the touchscreen display in the upper part, while the lower section is occupied by the alphanumeric keypad that feature phones are known for. The keys are sizable and easy to use. Still, text entry will likely be the hardest part of using the Nova, especially if you are used to all touchscreen smartphones. But we will come to that later.

Just below the display are four capacitive buttons – three of them app shortcuts to WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. The last one is the search button that launches Google search.

Ntel N1 Nova capacitive shortcut keys

Ntel N1 Nova With LTE/VoLTE

But the most outstanding feature of the phone is that it is a 4G LTE phone with VoLTE support, which is what Ntel is betting on. This means that you can make VoLTE calls on it. According to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Ntel is leading the VoLTE race by far and it looks like the 4G network is gunning for more VoLTE users. Because it is also an Android phone, of course, you can use the Nova as a wireless hotspot.

The Ntel N1 Nova has two SIM slots – one is dedicated/locked to Ntel 4G network, while the other can accommodate and work with any GSM SIM card from other networks. There is also a dedicated micro-SD card slot should you need to expand the 8 GB internal storage.

Ntel N1 Nova Phone Photos

Ntel N1 Nova box

Here are our first photos of the N1 Nova for your enjoyment.

Ntel N1 Nova pavement
Ntel N1 Nova open box
Ntel N1 Nova rear pavement

We will be using the Ntel N1 Nova for a while and then bring you our full review. Please stick around and don’t forget to ask your questions.

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