My Mobile-Only Experiment – Day 2

Yesterday, 21st Tuesday, 2012, was the second day of my mobile-only adventure. It was an interesting day, as I was posed with the challenge of transferring my music and video files from the now retired Nokia E7 to the Samsung Galaxy S II – without the use of a PC.

You see, I love my music and carry my albums with me on my smartphone. If I couldn’t copy those files, this experiment was messed up immediately.

Thankfully, both devices are USB-on-the-go enabled, and I quickly found a solution. The tools I needed:

– a USB-on-the-go cable
– a USB microSD Card reader
– a microSD card

I slipped the microSD card into the card reader, which I in turn plugged into the USB-on-the-go cable. Plugging that into the E7, I quickly copied all my files from the E7’s mass memory to the card.

Once done, the microSD card found a home in the Galaxy S II. Done.

Besides this, my standard routine on the web went well without any special occurrences or situations arising. My core devices were the TouchPad and the Samsung Galaxy S II.

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