StatCounter is a global web monitoring service which tracks the browsers and OS used to access those websites on which its codes/scripts are embedded.

The statistics from StatCounter show that Symbian is still top dog in mobile web browsing, with a comfortable lead over others.

StatCounter mobile web Browsing Statistics

Yes; this is only StatCounter statistics. Still, note that StatCounter are not small players in this field. As at 1 June 2010, StatCounter tracking code was installed on more than 3 million sites globally.

It is interesting to see that inspite of the claims by many that the Symbian browser is “crappy” and that Symbian is either “dead” or “dying”, this old dog still holds its own. Of course, partly responsible for this is Symbian’s huge installed base.

In response to this news, someone said, “Symbian is a beast. It just will not die!” Perhaps. Perhaps not. But the message is clear: this dude is no pushover.

Pronounced burning by its own CEO. Maligned on all sides by bloggers. Ignored by carriers/network operators. Outsourced to foster parents. Still, Symbian has refused to die. The plucky devil’s still got some spunk!

At the moment, we have a Nokia Belle smartphone in the house here for review at Mobility Towers. So far, I have been impressed. I actually prefer a number of things about it to my N9.

Perhaps, just perhaps, Belle may still have a future if Nokia so chooses to reverse its position on this “burning platform”.


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