MTN Nigeria runs 5G demo in Abuja in partnership with Huawei

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MTN Nigeria says it has conducted a 5G demo in Abuja. According to the network operator, the demo was done in partnership with network equipment vendor, Huawei, on the 25th of November 2019.

The network operator demonstrated the differences between 4G and 5G technologies, highlighting how latency is the biggest difference. 5G standard sends and receives data many times faster than 4G, making it ideal for use cases where real-time data is required e.g. remote surgery, AI systems, holographic projections, augmented and virtual reality, and the like.

The MTN 5G demo included a 5G speedtest on which a 2.3GB file was downloaded over the 5G network in 16 seconds. The same file completed downloading in 5 minutes 4 seconds over MTN’s 4G network.

There is no official schedule yet for the launch of 5G wireless networks in Nigeria, but it is good to see the first 5G demo happen in 2019.

Calabar too

News reports say that MTN Nigeria has also showcased 5G technology in the south-eastern city of Calabar in Cross Rivers state. to its customers ahead of its inauguration. This is part of its drive to educate the public on the uniqueness of the technology.

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