Alert: MTN Nigeria implements 50-50 depletion rule on Data4Me offers

If like me, you depend on MTN’s Data4Me offers for your mobile Internet subscription, this information will interest you. Before now, your bonus data will be fully used up before your main data kicks in, but thanks to the new 50-50 depletion rule implemented by MTN, that is history.


What happens now is that 50% of your bonus data bundle is depleted or used first, followed by 50% of your main data, after which the system switches back to your bonus data, and when that is fully depleted, it is back to your main data bundle. To put the 50-50 depletion rule in list format:

  1. 50% of your bonus data goes first
  2. 50% of your main data bundle goes next
  3. The second 50% of your bonus data is next
  4. The second 50% of your main data bundle is used, finally.
MTN Data4ME plans now have a 50-50 depletion rule.

When did the 50-50 depletion rule kick off?

This new rule was implemented on the 30th of April, 2022. That means the rule applies to any MTN Data4Me plans you buy from that day. I am unable to confirm whether the data can still be rolled over as before, but I see no reason why that shouldn’t be so. I will be due for a renewal soon and will be able to confirm the rollover status.

MTN’s Data4Me offers are where the best data plans in Nigeria are at the moment. They offer the most data volume at the best prices. Bummer that in the last few months, MTN Internet’s quality of service (QOS) has been less than stellar. Hopefully, that gets fixed as soon as possible. Read up on MTN Data4Me offers.

5 thoughts on “Alert: MTN Nigeria implements 50-50 depletion rule on Data4Me offers”

  1. No wonder the Bonus data on my line isn’t moving yet. They’ve been depleting the main data instead. I doubt they will roll over the bonus data. This move looks like something you’d do when you want customers to use up their data every month by force

  2. Signs of the times.

    One of my banks seems to have now implemented a.minimum balance that didn’t use to be there.

    Multichoice increased their charges, a VTU platform with handsome discount has reduced the daily volume you can do, another company increased their airtime-to-cash charges from 10% to 15%.

    Signs of the time, and we can expect more companies indirectly trying to invigorate their bottom line.. somehow.


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