MTN Nigeria has introduced a new product called MTN Conference Call. Yes; we know it sounds like old news, after all, conference call service has been available on the MTN network for years. But don’t be fooled by the similarity in name. This is different. Even non-MTN subscribers can use this one, and each conference participant bears his/her own call cost.

how to setup mtn conference call

From MTN:

What is MTN Conference Call?

Engage in multiple phone conversations from anywhere and from any network in the world by dialling into a central number and entering a predefined PIN. With MTN Conference Call, companies, businesspeople, academics, professionals etc, to hold secure multiparty conversations over the phone without the need to travel.

Features & Benefits

  • NO access fees, NO subscription fees, NO extra costs
  • Accessible to any network subscriber, from anywhere in the world, 24/7
  • Secure conversations with a PIN-based security system
  • Multiple access options (Internet & Interactive Voice Response system (IVR)
  • You’ll save time & money that would have been otherwise spent on travel and logistics

What does it Cost?

*There are NO extra charges for using this service. You simply pay the cost of calling an MTN number as set by your Network provider.

How is this service different from the MTN mobile Conference Call service?

Unlike the MTN mobile conference call service, with MTN Conference Call:

  • All callers (calling into the conference call) bear the cost of their calls. Callers simply pay the cost of calling an MTN number as set by their Network provider
  • Up to 20 callers can call into a conference call

How can I set up MTN conference call?

You can access the MTN Conference Call service and schedule a conference call via the following means:

  • A Phone call: Simply call 0803 900 3000 and follow the voice prompt.
  • The Internet: Simply go to and follow the instructions

Can non-MTN subscribers access the MTN Conference Call service?

Yes. Anyone can schedule or join a conference call via the MTN Conference Call service.

What is the minimum/maximum number of callers that can participate in a conference call?

The minimum number is 2 and the maximum number is 20.

How will I be billed?

There are NO extra charges for using this service. You simply pay the cost of calling an MTN number as set by your network provider.

Visit or visit an MTN outlet for more details.

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