My Experience with the new ‘cheap’ GLO data plans

Not long ago, GLO launched new data plans that surprised almost everyone here in Nigeria. You can imagine offers such as N2000 for 6 GB, N2500 for 10 GB, and N3000 for 12 GB. These are the cheapest rates ever in the country. As always the case, GLO is pushing the movement of cheap data for everyone.

Despite the fears of slow speed, and throttling, I thought to subscribe for this plan, and just see what happens. I loaded up N2500 and got 10 GB of data, and after using it for a week, here’s my summary in one sentence:
For this new GLO data plans, you’re getting what you paid for.

My Experience with the new ‘cheap’ GLO data plans

The plan works, but it disconnects at intervals. The network isn’t steady. Even when it appears to be steady, it isn’t fast. At midnight, the speeds are not fast either as I haven’t croseed 1Mbps. Here’s a screenshot for one of the speed tests I took.


My advice, If GLO is fast in your area, you can go ahead with this plan, else your patience will be tested severely.

Dont sleep on this

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