Cubot Dinosaur Mini Review and Photos

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After being recommended to him, Trae ordered and shipped in his Cubot Dinosaur. Enjoy his Cubot Dinosaur Mini Review.

The appointed time had come. It was time for me to buy a new phone. I wanted something with at least 2 GB RAM and 5000 mAh battery. I already had the TECNO L8 Plus on my radar. Do I go for that (costing about NGN 43,000) or was there a better option? A contact of mine mentioned the TECNO Camon C7 as a good alternative if I wanted a good camera.

Then I got another alternative recommendation to the L8 Plus on Nairaland. The “Cubot Dinosaur”. Same price range; only got a 4150 mAh battery, but with 3 GB RAM. I was more than tempted!

The Cubot Dinosaur has a 5.5-inch display, 16 GB internal storage, 13 megapixel main camera, 4G LTE, and the 4150 mAh battery supports fast charge. It is a dual SIM phone. See the full ​Cubot Dinosaur specifications. – Editor

So, I went researching on that. I soon discovered that there were a good number of sales agents on Jumia. Eventually, I placed my order.

My very own Cubot Dinosaur finally arrived from Hong Kong 16 days after I placed the order. The package arrived by DHL.

Cubot Dinosaur Mini Review - package

Cubot Dinosaur Mini Review

So far, I have experienced no lags. That’s a big, big relief. I haven’t enjoyed Android this much/way in about two (2) years! The 3 GB RAM is making sense and all. I’m not much of a phone journalist, so everything is just about okay. LOL.

The camera is shitty though and the pouch provided is not the encasing type that protects the screen. But we go manage sha. Also, there is hardly any bloatware installed. Just basic Android apps. This was pleasant to see. I haven’t rooted yet, and I am guessing that I won’t even bother.

I changed the IMEI easily though, and so I am enjoying Airtel’s 3 GB for NGN 1,000 plan wella. That’s about that. Now, for some photographs. Say, Cheese!

Cubot Dinosaur Photos

Here are some photos of the Cubot Dinosaur taken with my Gionee M3.

Cubot Dinosaur Mini-Review -full-min
Cubot Dinosaur Mini-Review -full-about-min
Cubot Dinosaur Mini Review and Photos 1
Cubot Dinosaur Mini-Review - rear camera

Here is what the app drawer looks like:

Cubot Dinosaur Mini-Review -app-drawer-min

That’s it, guys and gals. I am no phone reviewer, so bear with me. I just wanted to share my experience.

Good job, Trae! Thanks for sharing – Editor

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