Get Airtel 45GB data for 6000 Naira: Big data that lasts all month

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The Airtel 45GB data for 6000 naira plan is a mouthwatering one with great value for money. In effect, you are buying 7.5GB of data for just ₦1,000 for a one-month period. It is a part of the company’s Everyday-ON Plans.

These plans are specially designed to give you a large volume of data at comfortable prices, and to make sure that you are always ON the internet EVERY DAY till the end of the 30-day period. The first time I heard of it, I thought it sounded interesting, so I dug a little further. Here’s what I found.

Airtel 45GB data for 6000 naira Everyday-ON plan

Airtel 45GB data for 6000 naira Everyday-ON plan: How it works

The Everyday-ON plan splits your allocated data into daily silos, such that you have a maximum volume you can use each day. That way, your data allocation lasts you all through the month.

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For example, when you activate the Airtel 45GB data for 6000 naira plan, your 45GB data volume is split into 1.5GB data daily for 30 days. Once you exhaust 1.5GB daily, your data is cut off for the day. It will become active again the next day, and you will be able to use no more than 1.5GB again. This is how Everyday-ON plans work to make sure you have data to use each day for the whole month.

It is an interesting data management plan. I think it took some thinking to work this out. And I definitely see the value in it. I’d feel more comfortable on this plan than on the smaller 15GB for ₦3000 Everyday-ON plan. The reason is that my average daily data usage is within this range. Of course, there is still the risk that I could exhaust my daily allocation and then be cut off from business communications one day.

What if I were to use up my 1.5GB for the day and get cut off, but I am sent an important mail later in the day while I am offline? What then?

How to activate Airtel 45GB data for 6000 naira

To subscribe to this plan, on your phone, dial *141*3009#. You can also order it from the Airtel Nigeria website. I looked through the My Airtel app and couldn’t find a menu to subscribe for this plan. Hopefully, it will be available from there also in the nearest future.

Don’t forget the following: while you have a total volume of 45GB data for 30 days, you get access to only 1.5GB daily. Once you have used up your 1.5GB for the day, you are offline till the next day.

Do not subscribe to this plan if you do not understand this, or if you are not comfortable with the idea. If you have subscribed to the Airtel 45GB data for 6000 naira plan at least once, how was the experience for you?

PS: Do not forget to look through our website for more Airtel data plans.

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