Plugging in your phone only to find out that it is not charging is one of the most frustrating things you can face as a smartphone user. A lot of people’s phones are a key part of their life so this can cause issues for them. Do not worry as I will show you 10 ways to fix phone not charging when plugged into the charger.

10 Ways to Fix Phone Not Charging

There are many different reasons as to why a phone will not charge when it is plugged in. We have gotten a list of things that you can do to fix phone not charging when plugged in. Let’s get right into it.

1. Clean the charging port

After using your smartphone for many years, it is perfectly normal for dirt, sand, dust, and other debris to have accumulated in the charging port. If these foreign materials become too much, there is a chance that it can prevent your phone from charging. A quick way to fix phone not charging when plugged in is to clean the charging port. There is a guide below on how to go about it.
Get a flashlight and magnifying glass, then use it to look inside the charging port of your phone to see what’s in there. If you see any debris, get a pin or toothpick then gently remove the dirt. Make sure to be as careful as possible so you don’t cause any physical damage to the USB port. Plug your phone in and see if it charges.

2. Leave it plugged for a while

If the phone you are trying to charge was without power for quite some time or its battery was dead for a while. The battery must have lost power and it needs to charge for a longer time than normal before it has enough charge. After charging for quite some time, the phone should start up showing the charging progress or turning on.

3. Restart your phone

Sometimes, a quick restart can be all it takes to fix phone not charging when plugged in as it can help to fix a minor software crash. Unplug your phone, and restart it. Once it is back up, plug it in and see if it starts charging now.

4. Turn off Optimized Battery

If you are an iPhone user, then this is a step for you to take. If you turned on Optimized Battery on your iPhone, it might be the culprit as a lot of people have reported similar cases. Turn off the feature and see if your iPhone starts charging when plugged in.

5. Make it cool down

If your phone is too hot, this might be the reason that it is not charging when plugged in. The phone software might be trying to stop what’s leading to overheating. So, let your phone cool for a short period before you plug it back in to start charging.

6. Get a new or different cable


It is a common thing nowadays for phones to reject charging cables especially if they are now bad or are counterfeit. A quick way to fix phone not charging when plugged in is to charge your phone with a genuine new cable or a different one from a friend. If this other cable works, then it means that it is your own charging cable that is bad and there is nothing wrong with your phone.

7. Get a new adapter


Just like cables, if a charging adapter is bad or counterfeit, some phones can sense it and stop getting charged with them. A bad adapter can cause serious damage to the phone’s battery and even the phone at large. See this a a safety measure taken if an adapter works with other devices but doesn’t charge your phone. Get a new original adapter and use it for your phone.

8. Check if the power outlet is working

It is quite possible that your cable, adapter, and phone are innocent and the real problem might just be a bad power outlet. Before doing much, make sure the power outlet is good and working perfectly.

9. Try wireless charging


Most premium smartphones released in the past 3 years have support for wireless charging so if your charging port is having issues, try wireless charging. Place your phone on the supported wireless charger then wait a few seconds for you to be notified that the phone is now charging. Check out our guide to wireless charging.

10. Replace the charging port or battery

A way to fix phone not charging when plugged in if you have tried the tips above is to replace the battery or charging port.
If you notice the charging port is not firm, then it is time for you to change it as it may be the cause. Also, if your phone battery life has been very bad, it might just be that the battery is now damaged completely and can’t hold any power. So you would have to change it.

Now, we’ve come to the end of this article showing you how to fix phone not charging when plugged in.

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