Android 5.0 Lollipop to support RAW Camera Image Output

Normally, smartphone photography processing is usually composed of these basic steps 1. Camera hardware and sensors capture light and image data 2. Software algorithms process the data and compress its life out. 3. The final image information is displayed and saved in memory as a JPEG picture. The major advantage of these are in the […]

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Lumia 930 front back

Microsoft adopts Lumia branding for smartphones

Nokia France posted a status update that says: In the coming days, you will receive a message from Facebook on the renaming of this page. We are about to become “Microsoft Lumia”! – Stay tuned to learn more soon…;) Apparently, Microoft has chosen to go with “Lumia” branding for their smartphones. In my opinion, and […]

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Microsoft QWERTY Lumia

Will Microsoft Mobile Ever Make A QWERTY Lumia?

I was asking myself the above question, so I sat down and came up with a design for a funky QWERTY Lumia based on the design of the Asha 210. Note that the hardware call answer/reject and navigational buttons below the 210’s display are gone, as Windows does not require those. I like this “concept” […]

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StatCounter logo

StatCounter Apps for iOS and Android now available

Popular web traffic analysis service, StatCounter, has announced availability of mobile apps for Android and iOS. The apps are free to download and use, and are ad-supported. However, upgrades to take out the ads are available. StatCounter says the apps offer the following features: Compare your traffic trends for this week versus last week Examine […]

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Hi Beezle

Rapper, Hi Beezle, provides a peek of BlackBerry Z3 running OS10.3 has quite a rich variety of followers, from students to doctors, accountants and even musicians. Rap musician and tech enthusiast, Ib ‘Hi Beezle’ Sam-Epelle, is a long-standing mobilista. He sent in this review providing an early peek at BB10.3 running on the BlackBerry Z3. Enjoy! – Editor The BlackBerry Z3 is a budget mid-range […]

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K zoom Maryann Ruth

Photos from Google House Nigeria with Samsung Galaxy K zoom

I was invited to Africa’s first ever Google House event, Google House Nigeria last week. It was a series of practical and engaging demonstrations of how to use Google services in everyday scenarios at home – in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, as well as for business and travel. I had with me the Samsung […]

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Huawei G6600 Passport

Look: Here’s the first smartphone that was named “Passport”

Yes; you heard that right. The first Passport was not a BlackBerry. Incidentally, the first Passport was a QWERTY smartphone too, but by a different manufacturer. It was a smartphone released in 2009 by – guess – Huawei. Behold the Huawei G6600 Passport: The Huawei G6600 was a candy bar messaging phone with a full […]

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