Elroy Mobility

It feels just like yesterday: Elroy celebrates one year at MobilityArena.com

Exactly one year today, I published my very first post on Mobility Arena. It was titled ; GLO Network and GLO Bounce Palava, and it feels just like yesterday. For so long, I've been a Mobilista, following the blog for years on end. Last year, I finally got an opportunity arrived to be a part of the…

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Twitter devices

How to get Twitter to take down a stolen tweet

The problem of stolen tweets has been here for a while. Someone tweets something phenomenal and/or original and rather than retweet it, certain notorious handles are known for copying it and tweeting the content as if it was their original thought. That is how tweets are stolen. Well, Twitter is taking it serious now and…

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Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay won’t work on rooted phones, tests reveal

Earlier this year, during the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung also launched a payment platform called Samsung Pay. The service was made to facilitate wireless transactions with POS (Point-of-sale) terminals, working with NFC + Magnetic Secure Transmission chips inside their latest smart phones. Samsung have already made arrangements with the likes of Visa, MasterCard, American…

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Cityman Render

Are these the rumored flagships phones from Microsoft?

Two Microsoft (reportedly) flagship phones have been going rounds all over the Internet. Both devices, internally nicknamed Cityman and Talkman are expected to be announced in September and probably released around November or December.  With model numbers Lumia 950 (Talkman) and Lumia 950 XL (Cityman), Both phones are said to come with an iris scanner, while…

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Are you tired of Android 5’s heads-up notifications? Install this app

If you are using an Android 5 Lollipop smartphone and find the heads-up Notifications intrusive, there's an app for that. With HeadsOff you can disable all Lollipop Heads-up notifications on your phone. You can also disable Heads-up notifications for selected apps, as well as enable ticker text notification in the status bar. Install, setup and activate HeadsOff…

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New U.S Department of Defence welcomes back Blackberry smartphones

In a press release, Blackberry has announced that the new U.S Department of Defense has welcomed back the use of smartphones. If you can recall, we reported that White House were prepared to ditch Blackberries for Samsung and LG phones. This is a good development considering the renewed efforts of Blackberry to attaining profitability. "Security…

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