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Where to find a SOLO hotspot nationwide

Posted by Moverick on December 16, 2014  /   1 comment
SOLO Hotspot

If you have been wondering where to find a SOLO hotspot to download movies for SOLO View from, that makes two of us. I am so itching to try the service out but had no info on hotspot locations. SOLO View is a service that lets mobile users download full length movies for offline watching […]

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Xiaomi is not very profitable – Reuters

Posted by Moverick on December 16, 2014  /   2 comments

This bit of news will interest people who have participated in intense debates about Xiaomi‘s profitability despite their swift rise to dominance in the last few years. The third largest smartphone maker reported a profit of only $56 million profit in the year of our Lord 2013. For a company valued at more than $10 […]

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BBM 2.0 for Windows Phone is here

Posted by Mobility Arena Beat on December 16, 2014  /   no comment
BBM 2-0 for windows-phone

Some hours ago, BBM for Windows Phone got the same features as the latest versions of the app on Android and iOS. The new features include: Timed Messages Message Retraction HD picture transfer BBM Shop with Stickers Unfortunately, the Windows Phone app is still yet to get Channels support. Which is odd. But Windows Phone […]

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First Look: Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 3G

Posted by Moverick on December 15, 2014  /   1 comment
Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12-2 front

Last Friday, Nescafe flew myself and ten other top bloggers selected from Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, and Cote D’Ivoire to an exotic location in Accra, Ghana for the Start Conference 2014. One of the souvenirs from the trip was a Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 3G for each participant and with our names engraved at the […]

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Baidu chooses HERE Maps for Chinese travellers

Posted by Mobility Arena Beat on December 15, 2014  /   no comment

As Chinese search giant, Baidu, steps up to be the first Chinese company to offer location-based services to locals travelling abroad, it has signed up Nokia’s HERE to supply maps for its desktop and mobile map services outside China. The desktop version of Baidu Maps uses HERE map content already, with the Baidu Maps apps […]

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Ford Sync 3 drops Microsoft for BlackBerry

Posted by Mobility Arena Beat on December 15, 2014  /   no comment
Ford Sync 3

Automaker, Ford, has churned out smart cars for years. Their in-car Sync system, was originally powered by Microsoft’s Windows Embedded, but that is about to change. Ford has selected BlackBerry’s QNX (same software that powers Blackberry 10) to power the latest version, Sync 3. Ford says that the biggest improvement to Sync 3 is performance. […]

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BBM ready for BlackBerry Passport

Posted by Moverick on December 15, 2014  /   no comment
BBM for BB10 10-6-4-9

I woke up this morning to a notification on my Passport that there is an update for BBM. The version update brings the following features to the table: see when a contact has received and viewed your sent pictures – Yay!!! share multiple pictures, files and contacts at the same time – Awesome!! timed […]

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India gets operator billing on Windows Phone devices

Posted by Mobility Arena Beat on December 15, 2014  /   no comment
operator billing wp india

Operator billing lets users make purchases from the airtime on their mobile lines. No credit card needed. No Paypal or anything else needed. Windows Phone Store offers this sort of billing as a payment method for purchases in the store. Last year, operator billing was implemented for Windows Phone users in Kenya. Kenya is only […]

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Microsoft to bend down lower with Lumia 435?

Posted by Mobility Arena Beat on December 14, 2014  /   no comment
Lumia 435 leaked

Windows Phone OS is known for great performance on low-end hardware. In recent times, the Android army has attempted to take away that edge from Microsoft’s smartphone platform. It looks like the empire is striking back though with a smartphone that goes even lower than the legendary Lumia 520 and 530. Say hello to Lumia […]

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GoTV ads appear on BBM; What next?

Posted by Elroy Chibex on December 14, 2014  /   no comment

Placing ads on BBM are one of the ways BlackBerry planned to monetize the app. So far, I’ve seen some ads pop-up on my BBM (Android version) app. First to surface was the ad for Onavo Count Data Manager. Mind you, these ads appear in the updates section of the app. This morning, scrolling down […]

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How to download YouTube videos on your Android smartphone

Posted by Elroy Chibex on December 14, 2014  /   1 comment

In this part of the world data can be quantified to as liquid gold. Yes! data costs are still damn expensive here, though in recent times prices are coming down but it’s not yet Uhuru. Having lots of data affords you the luxury of streaming, but where you don’t have data to stream away, downloading […]

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