XOS is the custom user interface developed by Infinix and used in its Android smartphones. The latest version, 7.6, has first appeared in the Infinix HOT 10s. We have a look at the XOS 7.6 features that we have been able to observe.

First off, XOS 7.6 is based on Android 11. As such, you can expect all the standard features that Google includes in the operating system. But the benefits of a custom user interface is that it adds extra functionality to the operating systems. Let’s have a look at the features of XOS v7.6. XOS 7.6 features on Infinix Hot 10s

XOS 7.6 features

Here are some of the features that XOS 7.6 brings to the table for 2021 Infinix phones.

  1. Graphical: the graphical user interface has largely stayed the same from v7.1, save for some tweaks here and there. There is nothing groundbreaking here, from what we have seen.
  2. YoParty. This feature allows you to connect to and broadcast the same music to up to 6 Infinix phones at the same time. You scan a QR code to make the connection happen.
  3. Video ringtones. You are already familiar with audio ringtones. Say hello to video ringtones on your Infinix phones.
  4. Instant USSD. This feature gives Infinix phone users easy and direct access to all USSD codes from mobile operators. This should come in quite useful for lots of subscribers who struggle to remember what code is for what functionality.
  5. Auto Pickup Call Ear-sensor Receiver. This feature allows you to automatically answer an incoming call by picking up your ringing phone and placing it near your ear. The call is automatically answered, and you just go ahead and talk. Cool.
  6. X-health. What is a decent user interface these days without health benefits? X-Health allows you to keep track of your daily workout and physical activity. It will also remind you of your daily goals, including a reminder to drink water regularly.
  7. App Lock. A privacy feature, App Lock lets you lock the apps as you want, so you can share your phone with friends and family without the possibility of your privacy being breached while the phone is with them.
  8. X-Proof. Have you ever been in a bus while using your phone, and there was someone beside or behind you peeking into it? XOS 7.6 features this new app that lets you obscure your screen in a way that makes it hard for people around you to see what you are doing on your phone. A lot of people will love this. 
  9. Xclone. If you have multiple accounts and need to use all of them on your Infinix phone, Xclone allows you to clone applications and do just that. Login to your multiple Facebook/email/etc accounts.

What of bloatware?

XOS is well known for its bloatware and ads. The usual suspects are still all there and XOS 7.6 is as heavy as its predecessor, v7.1, was. Most of those pre-installed apps cannot be uninstalled.

There also still pesky ads all over the place. You can disable them, if you have the patience: there is no convenient switch to disable them with.

Infinix note 10 Pro is one of the first 2021 Infinix phones
Infinix note 10 Pro is one of the first 2021 Infinix phones to feature XOS 7.6

XOS 7.6 was first seen in the Hot 10S NFC. It will also be available on Infinix Note 10 and 10 Pro, along with other 2021 Infinix phones.

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