The Xiaomi 12 is one of Xiaomi’s latest flagship phones and the first of the 12 series. The phone comes with the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor as well as many other class features that guarantee customer satisfaction. And it should have no less for the amount it costs. But it has some problems that you would not expect from a flagship phone on this level. Some of these problems are things you can solve and some that you are stuck with, unfortunately. Let’s take a look at them.

Xiaomi 12 problems

Xiaomi 12 problem: Battery Drainage

Several Xiaomi 12 users have complained about the phone’s battery life not being up to par. According to tests done on the Xiaomi 12, it has an 82-hour battery endurance rating. On a flagship phone with 4500 mAh and a 6.28″ OLED display, 82 hours is not enough. Lots of tests from users place the battery life between 7-8 hours, 7 for most. Xiaomi will probably fix this issue in future updates but for now here are some things you can do to reduce/limit how much battery power you are draining.

•Reducing your screen’s brightness can help you conserve your phone battery’s life. 

•Put off all connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Hotspot when you are not using them. These options are core battery-draining features. 

•Gaming is another thing that can drain your Xiaomi 12’s battery at an alarming rate. If you want to play heavy games I advise you to restrict the number of hours you play if you want your battery to last off of a full charge.

Xiaomi 12 problem: Overheating

There have been tons of reviews from Xiaomi 12 users saying that the phone overheats quickly. These have come from customers who say it was during casual use and those who say it was while gaming or doing something heavy. Again, you will have to wait for future Xiaomi software updates for a significant change to the overheating problem. Here are things you can do for now to reduce it.

•Close apps that you have running in the background that you are not using. These open apps added to whatever activity you might be engaged in will work the processor heavily and cause it to heat. 

•Now, we see, again, just how important it is to put off connectivity options that are in use. They don’t just contribute to one problem but multiple. Leaving your Wi-Fi, GPS, hotspot, e.t.c. will not just drain your battery but overheat your Xiaomi 12. And with a phone that heats as quickly as this, you do not need all of these to add to the overheating.

•One of the most common reasons that users gave for the Xiaomi 12 overheating was gaming. They noticed how hot the phone got after a while of playing games. If you want to reduce how much the phone heats, then you might need to take breaks in between gaming hours or cut down the number of hours you spend gaming.

•To help your Xiaomi 12 dissipate heat, get a phone cover that gives it room to do so and not a bulky, thick one. 

These are the most common problems users have been facing, follow these instructions and look out for updates and you enjoy the company of your Xiaomi 12 just fine. If you have any problem that was not mentioned, comment down below and we will get back to you.

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