Android 11 has been officially out since September 2020. Since that time, most smartphone manufactures have been laid back about updating their existing phones.

TECNO has not had a great record with updating their devices to new Android versions. It is something that fans of the brand have been clamouring for, and something that critics of the brand wave against it.

which TECNO phones will get Android 11 update

In July 2020, when Android 11 developer preview was released, TECNO Mobile announced that they were a partner and part of the programme. The designated device for the programme was the Pouvoir 4.

As such, it soon received the Android 11 Beta 1 update. Note that a beta update of this nature is not meant for everyday usage and consumption.

The idea behind Android beta updates is that app developers have early access to allow them test and modify their apps to work with the new software.

If you are not an app developer, you really do not want to install a beta software update on your smartphone.

Which TECNO phones will get Android 11? It is difficult to tell. But if we look at precedence, I can comfortably say, not many will.

At this stage, it seems that TECNO is experimenting with Android software  updates. Why do I say so?

tecno spark 4 cameras
TECNO Spark 4 got updated to Android 10

Recently, the  TECNO Spark 4 received the Android 10 update, to the surprise of many. As a rule, a brand’s best or most powerful smartphones get updated. The Spark 4 is not close to meeting up to that criteria.

With 2GB RAM and a Helio A22 chipset, the Spark 4 is clearly not a top dog in TECNO’s product line up. There is only one valid reason why a phone brand updates an entry-level device in its portfolio instead of a top model – trials. Experiments.

It has to be that TECNO Mobile is experimenting with Android software updates and trying to learn from the experience. Once they get the hang of it, TECNO lovers can expect to see a more  standardised approach to software updates.

It has been a long time coming though. With huge market shares across countries in Africa and in select countries in Asia, TECNO needs to get its groove on with respect to Android software updates.

In 2019, Google said that a number of manufacturers, including Transsion (the parent company of TECNO), “committed to updating some of their devices to Android 10 by the end of the year”.

So far, the only TECNO phone that got upgraded to Android 10 is the Spark 4.

Which TECNO phones will get Android 11?

At this time, it is not clear which TECNO phones will get Android 11. There is no predictable pattern to go by. But if and when they get the trials right and become ready for the stage, their top models will be the top eligible devices.

For now, if you are buying a 2020 or 2021 TECNO smartphone, there are no guarantees that your smartphone will get the Android 11 update.

For now, we can expect another TECNO device to be included in the next Android beta developer programme and an Android software update the odd random device. Selah.

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