Starlink is now available for use in Nigeria, for those looking for dependable Internet connectivity. How does Starlink Internet work? It is a satellite-based connectivity, which means that the service is available everywhere – even at locations not covered by telecom operators.

As such, Starlink Internet is ideal for individuals and operations in areas that are poorly served by mobile networks and existing ISPs. And there are a lot of those locations in Nigeria. If you are based in such an area, you should consider using Starlink, all other things being equal.

Starlink Internet Nigeria

Some users report download speeds of up to 240 Mbps, though many more say it hovers around 150 Mbps for them. This is not as fantastic as many hoped it would be, but a stable 150 Mbps speed is a good deal, considering that many ISPs in Nigeria don’t even offer anything close to that. Most fibre optics home Internet offer speeds between 10 Mbps and 25 Mbps. Only a select few offer speeds of up to 150 Mbps.

Mobile Internet from MTN, Airtel and Glo is generally limited to below 60 Mbps in download speed. With the arrival of 5G, we are seeing higher speeds of between 100 Mbps and 300 Mbps in regular use. Basically, a Starlink Internet connection is right up there among the best speeds you can get at present in the country.

Starlink does not use a SIM card. You do not need a SIM card to use the service.

Starlink Internet was originally without a data cap, but as more subscribers got on the service and the network began to experience challenges, Starlink introduced a data cap in November 2022. But have no fear: it is a superbly generous cap. The new 1TB Priority Access data cap means that a fair usage policy of 1TB exists between the hours of 7am and 11pm. Exceed that and your connection speed will be throttled.

As such, while Starlink Internet has a data cap, it won’t affect about 90% of subscribers. SpaceX, the company behind the service, say that only about 10% of Starlink Internet subscribers ever hit the 1TB consumption point monthly. Chances are that you have nothing to worry about.

How much is Starlink in Nigeria? The setup hardware costs $599, while the subscription fee is $43 per month. What does that translate to? Because of the ever-changing exchange rates, this will vary from time to time. At the current US dollar exchange rate, you will need about ₦449,250 for the equipment and possibly up to ₦32,250 monthly for your subscription. If the exchange rate gets worse, it will cost you more. There is also a $60 fee for shipping your equipment to you.

Update: The confirmed prices directly from the Starlink website: ₦268,584 for equipment and 19,260 monthly subscription. PS: A colleague says he paid ₦441,000 for his Starlink equipment on the 2nd of February 2023, so what you pay at the end of the day depends on the exchange rate at the time.

Thanks to a new Central Bank policy, Naira debit cards are now useless for foreign currency transactions and payments. As such, your ATM card is not likely to work for Starlink. You should get a US Dollar VISA or MasterCard from any of the banks providing such. To use those, you need to fund your domiciliary account and then load your card from there. Alternatively, there are new US Dollar virtual card providers available and you can get a card from one of those as well.

You will need the Starlink app. It will help you identify the best location to install and setup your equipment, view your usage statistics, manage your connection (including connected devices), receive service notifications, as well as get service support. Download for Android / Download for IOS.

  1. Order your Starlink Internet kit/package from here.
  2. Download the Starlink app (using the provided links above).
  3. Use the app to check for obstructions to signal, so you can determine the best spot at your location to install it.
  4. Unpack the Starlink Internet kit/package.
  5. Assemble the pieces, install the satellite dish at the best spot, and plug everything together.
  6. Connect to Starlink and start browsing.
  7. Don’t forget that the app also lets you manage your Starlink Internet subscription.

If you have ordered a Starlink Internet kit and subscription, feel free to share your experience with the service below. If this article left out any essential info, do share, so we can include it for the benefit of others.

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