Someone asked me to recommend the top 4 smartphones under 50000 naira, so I set out to sift through the masses of smartphones in the market to do just that. And I have some interesting results for you.

My Criteria

What I did was pick out some major features that are hard to find in a N50,000 smartphone. I chose three. They include:

32 GB Internal Memory. 16 GB is the more common memory size you will find for N50,000. And honestly, if you take a lot of pictures and videos, you will run out of memory quickly on a 16 GB phone. Mrs. Mo once got a 16 GB memory phone and by the second week, she was in trouble. Eventually, she had to replace it with something more capable.

Most people do not do a lot of multitasking on their phones, but they do take and store lots of media. If you are one of them, you want to go with 32 GB storage. Which is why this is a critical criteria for picking the best smartphones under 50000 naira.

3 GB RAM. Unfortunately, with N50,000 in hand now, it is becoming more difficult to find a smartphone with 3 GB of RAM. Personally, I would feel pained to spend 50,000 naira and end up with a 2 GB RAM smartphone. I understand though that not everyone uses their smartphones as intensively as I do, and so they do not need the ability to multitask smoothly like I do.

Fast Battery Charging. My next criteria was fast charging. In my books, a 50,000 smartphone that includes fast charging is top of the line, because the feature is also scarce at that price. And fast battery charging on a smartphone makes a world of a difference.

Sometimes you are in a hurry and need to top-up your battery fast before dashing out to your next meeting. Fast charging is of God, dear friends. Everyone will appreciate fast charging on their smartphone.

These are the best 4 smartphones under 50000 naira

Some of the phones listed below meet one or more of the 3 criteria that I specified above. Some of them cost a little more than 50000 naira, but, hey, if adding N2,000 or N3,000 will get you a smartphone that meets your needs, you should. We are not penny wise, pound foolish people.

Here are my picks for the top smartphones under 50000 naira:

TECNO Camon 11 3GB

TECNO Camon 11 3GB is one of the top smartphones under 50000 naira

You get a 6.2-inch FullView display, 16 MP front camera,  a 13 MP + 2 MP dual camera at the back, 32 GB memory, 3 GB RAM, Fingerprint scanner, face unlock, and a 3750 mAh battery with Light Speed Charge fast charging. Cost? ₦49,800.

There is no question about it. TECNO Camon 11 3 GB is one of the best 4 smartphones under 50000 naira. You can see more details on our TECNO Camon 11 specs page.

TECNO Camon X 32GB


The Camon X 32GB almost matches the Camon 11 3GB feature for feature, but has only a single camera, instead of a dual camera, at the back. The display is also 0.2 inches smaller, if you want to nitpick.

It costs about the same too. Expect to see it in the market for about ₦49,000.

Infinix Hot 6x 3GB

Infinix Hot 6X is one of the top smartphones under 50000 naira

The Hot 6X is quite a popular smartphone and easily makes this list of the top smartphones under 50000 naira. I suspect that the 4000 mAh battery is a huge part of the attraction. What may not also be obvious to the casual bystander is that the processor is also power efficient.

Combined with the big battery, you are looking at a phone that will go longer on a full charge than most others. And when you need to charge it, there is fast charging to speed things up too.

The Hot 6X has a 6.2-inch screen, dual camera at the back, 3 GB RAM, and 32 GB storage. It ticks all the boxes. Have a look at the Infinix Hot 6X full specs for more details. The price is around ₦53,000.

Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus 2GB

Samsung J4 Plus is one of the top smartphones under 50000 naira

The Galaxy J4 Plus 2GB does not have 3 GB of RAM or fast battery charging. But it does have 32 GB internal storage, and so it sneaks into my list of the best 4 smartphones under 50000 naira. If you want a Samsung smartphone under N50,000, this is the one with your name on it.

You get a 6-inch display, 2 GB RAM, a 13 MP camera, and a 3300 mAh battery for N51,000. It also lacks a fingerprint scanner. Face Unlock is present though. Have a look at the Samsung Galaxy J4 Plus full specs for more details. We also have a J4 Plus review for you to enjoy. There is a 3GB RAM variant that costs about N5,000 more.

These are the top 4 smartphones under 50000 naira available today in stores around Nigeria. There are a handful of phones from a manufacturer like Xiaomi that would fit on this list. But those phones are not officially on sale here in the country.

If you are adventurous though, you can hop on Jumia, GearBest, or AliExpress to scout around for such phones. Feel free to use my criteria of 32 GB internal storage, 3 GB RAM, and fast battery charging as your criteria.

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