The Good News: Qt, Nokia Maps, New Browser, coming to S40 phones

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While Nokia’s insistence on doing away with MeeGo has irked a lot of followers, there is some good news in the whole debacle. Nokia has repeatedly said that Qt, which the UI seen on the N9 was developed with, is coming to their S40 range.

Besides Qt, Nokia Maps with offline catching is also another addition to the S40 platform. Nokia have also made it clear that a new web browser is headed for S40 to replace the old, slow, clunky one that has run on that platform for years.

This is significant, as this means that Nokia’s plans to reach the next billion is going to witness a radical transformation of the S40 range into more powerful devices with a sleek UI and greater 3rd party app development capacity.

I remember recently coming across a rumour of a yet-to-be-announced 1GHz S40 device from Nokia. That rumour is easy to believe in the light of this development. Apparently, we shall see more touchscreen devices in that line-up as well. If Nokia adds multi-tasking, even if in a limited form, S40 effectively becomes a smartphone platform – the world’s largest.

The N9 may be the last MeeGo smartphone from Nokia, but its legacy – that sweet, fluid Qt-based interface and the applications based on same – will live on in the world’s largest mobile phone platform, Nokia S40.

That, in my opinion, will be a homerun.

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