In every industry, there are the highly visible players, who are talked about every day. Behind the scenes, other players work to make magic happen. In this article, we look at telecom tower companies in Nigeria. These are the players that make it possible for wireless operators to reach everywhere and at lower costs.

When the telecom industry revolution kicked off in the country, each operator built, operated, and maintained its own towers. MTN had their towers. Airtel (then ECONET Wireless) had theirs. The same held true for the others when they came on stream. As you can imagine, it was a costly entire. Each wireless tower is a massive investment whose costs include land, the physical tower, dishes and antennas, backup power generators, fuelling, and much more. Each operator had one in each location. So it was also a waste.

top telecom tower companies in Nigeria

Eventually, the industry matured to the point where a new set of players arrived – telecom tower companies. These companies took most of the heavy lifting off the operators, leading to cost savings and even greater efficiency. They handled the entire business of setting up and maintaining cell towers, and operators merely rented space on those towers.

With multiple operators now sharing towers, unit cost dropped, and these cost savings were passed on to subscribers and investors. Telecom operators no longer had to shell out mega bucks to roll out to new locations, as they used to in the early days. It can be argued that telecom tower companies were the saviours of the industry. Without them, we would all be paying more for voice calls, SMS, data, and other services.

Who are the telecom tower companies in Nigeria? Let’s have a look at the list.

List Of Telecom Tower Companies In Nigeria

Listed below are some leading telecom tower companies in Nigeria.

IHS Towers Nigeria

IHS. First on the list is IHS Towers Nigeria. IHS started as a provider of site build services for mobile network operators in Nigeria, but has gone on to develop deep expertise in all aspects of telecom towers. Today, IHS and its subsidiaries in Nigeria manage over 16,500 sites, as well as two datacentres.

Helios Towers was acquired by IHS and became a part of the IHS family.

American Tower Company (ATC)

ATC manages over 6,000 telecom towers across the country.

Pan African Towers

Pan African Towers has about 1000 telecommunication towers in every city in Nigeria.

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