Global innovative technology brand TECNO has unveiled its latest technological breakthrough, the chameleon coloring technology, on day one of the company’s first-ever appearance at the MWC. This groundbreaking color-changing technology can change a device’s back cover to entirely different colors based on the usage or user customization, allowing users to freely showcase their style without being locked into just one color option. The new technology adapts a unique material that allows for a continuous change of colors up to 2 million times, with rapid color changing in just 0.03 seconds.  

Chameleon coloring technology, formally known as full-spectrum electrically controlled prism coloring technology, will be the first-ever technology of its kind to be fully compatible with a smartphone device, and not only that, it will also be the first in the industry to offer full spectrum color rendering and an astonishing total of 1600 different colors. Users can fully customize their device with this rich variety of colors and change it as frequently as they’d like. 

Chameleon Coloring Technology

For those that don’t have time to ponder their own color preferences, chameleon coloring technology will also allow the exterior to interact directly with the device, creating spontaneous and active color designs based on the battery performance, the apps that are running, the surrounding air temperature, the music that is playing, etc. This effectively keeps the coloring fresh and unique for the user, and it even lets the device’s exterior appearance interact with features like the camera. 

Color-changing technology has been popular in smartphones for a couple of years now. Still, while others focused on color rendering and power consumption, TECNO decided to tackle the material challenge directly. By scattering light through the brand new sub-micron prism material, it can achieve full-spectrum color rendering as the direction of the sub-micron prism molecules is adjusted by the electric field, which creates multiple different wavelengths of light that appear as a gorgeous iridescent transformation. 

Chameleon Coloring Technology

Due to the nature of changing colors based on the scattering and electric field, the strength of the scattering shines especially bright when the external light is strong. To fully showcase the spectrum of colors, the compatible device will have a UV-textured cover that feels great on the hand and accurately presents the colors.

 However, this won’t be the first color-changing technology applied to TECNO’s devices. The company launched the CAMON 19 Pro Mondrian Edition in 2022, the first phone ever to utilize the polychromatic photoisomer technology to change phone shell color in the sunlight. The chameleon coloring technology will ultimately be a major step up from that as it provides infinitely more options for color customization, enabling it to perfectly fit all the different needs of consumers from diverse demographics.    

Chameleon Coloring Technology

As an innovative tech company that strives to challenge the norms constantly, TECNO has been consistently breaking new ground with its versatile lineup of premium products. Starting with the CAMON smartphones that focus on photography, especially on photogenic portraits, the company continued to innovate by publishing the world’s first retractable portrait lens with the award-winning PHANTOM X2 smartphone series. TECNO’s innovation is focused on imaging the hardware and the entire smartphone experience, including the material and design innovation.

Its innovation in materials led to the pioneering back cover constructed from recycled plastics for the PHANTOM X2 Pro 5G Eco-Friendly Edition. In comparison, its design innovation enables the technology as a canvas for the first time. It brings TECNO CAMON 19 Pro Mondrian Edition – the industry’s first device that is both artistic and intuitive to the users. 

TECNO's Latest Innovation Boasts Revolutionary Color-Shifting Technology

TECNO also improve people’s workflow before shocking the smartphone world again with its first foldable phone and user experience with the PHANTOM V Fold smartphone. TECNO has never shown signs of slowing down on its path of relentless innovations.  

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