If you work on the move a lot in Lagos, especially with a laptop, you must know by now that lots of fast food spots and restaurants in the city have a policy of not letting customers use a laptop on their premises. Unpack a laptop and someone will walk up to you with one of many versions of the line, “Management has instructed that this should not be allowed here.” Yes, in 2013. I have run into that sort of nonsense too many times. Of course, I have made it a point of duty to mark places that are progressive and that support their customers’ need for productivity.

If you need a bite and have work to do in the Ikeja area, Spur is a good place to head to. Not only are laptops allowed, power charging points are available. But there is a nice icing on the cake: FREE WiFi is available to customers! Yes; free. I had a meeting there recently and needed to get online for something urgently.

As sometimes happens, the available GSM mobile connections were in a state of coma and I was quite frustrated. It suddenly occurred to me to ask, so I called up an attendant and asked her if there was a paid WiFi service that I could subscribe to there. She excused herself and returned with a voucher. No extra costs. No charges. In moments, I was online and able to get my task done quickly.

I was actually willing to pay for the service, but got it for free. It was a very pleasant surprise, to say the least. I have always rooted for public places to setup and maintain a hotspot for the use of their customers. It doesn’t have to be free. It could be a subsidised paid service, or a fully paid subscription. Whatever model is chosen, this is 2013, and productivity on the go should not be stifled, but encouraged.

I am not a fan of steak, but Spur has a wide variety of meals and edibles that are tasty. They make good chapman and milk shakes too, among others. Best of all, Spur agrees with you that you should be able to work on the go – and helps you do just that. This article is my thumbs up to establishments that put their hardworking customers first. Go grab a bite at Spur at Ikeja City Mall, Alausa! They are on the ground floor. In my opinion, an establishment like this deserves your money.

Do you know of any eateries, food spots and restaurants that encourage productivity, especially those that provide a WiFi hotspot, paid or free? Do tell us about them in the comments section.

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