DeviceInfo Live Wallpaper for Android displays useful information on your home screen

One of the strengths of Android is its potential for customisation. One of the things a user is able to play around with is the wallpaper. But being able to change wallpapers is one thing. Being able to use Live wallpapers is another. A live wallpaper is actually a special application because it can access functions of the platform such as network access, GPS and more.

DeviceInfo Live Wallpaper for Android

Easily the most useful/functional live wallpaper that I have found on Android is the DeviceInfo live wallpaper. This amazing app displays information like:

– time
– date
– processor performance
– RAM usage
– Internal storage usage
– SD card storage usage
– Battery level
– Temperature
– tilt
– compass

This live wallpaper simply transforms the desktop of your Android smartphone into a dashboard of easy to access information. Actually, it makes the desktop of my Phantom A look like something out of Star Trek. Geeks will love this. It also has lots of useful information for non-geeks too, and some might just fall in love with it.

DeviceInfo Live Wallpaper is free from PlayStore.

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